The pros and cons of sleeping with your pet

The pros and cons of sleeping with your pet

 For pet owners, it’s no longer acceptable to not cuddle at night with their  furry friend. The snuggles, warmth and love adds that extra comfort! But is sleeping with your furry pet a good idea? Here are a few pros & cons! 

women with pet dog on bed



1) Increase of “happy hormones” -

Being near your dog releases serotonin and dopamine which are dubbed as “Happy Hormones”. Both of these helps to reduce loneliness, reduce stress and delays depression. Dogs also love to be next to their owners and helps to reduce their anxiety and reactions to external factors.

2) Warmth - 

Cuddling with your furry pet will provide you with warmth. This is especially useful in the winter months. Make sure your pet is not dehydrated or hot

3) Reduces stress – 

Majority pet owners agree that their pet helps them to de-stress after a long day. The breathing and hearth rhythm of a pet while sleeping also helps you keep calm and fall asleep

4) Sense of security –  

Keeping your pet near you, especially when alone can provide a sense of security and protection 

5) Helps with insomnia - 

Sleeping with pets helps reduce certain sleep disorders. As mentioned above, they help release certain hormones which reduces stress and be calm. This helps you sleep better at night.


1)  Allergies –

If you suffer from allergies or are allergic to your pet, keeping them in close proximity and on your bed can increase your health issues

2)  Introducing new bacteria –

Fleas, ticks, etc have the potential to spread onto your bed/comforter etc

3)  Sleep disturbances –

if your pet is the kind to move a lot during the night, bark, or sleep in different positions, it might disturb you and your sleep

4)  No space –

a large pet takes up more space causing you to sleep in a corner

5)  Washing sheets often –

with the fur, and fleas/ticks issue, it causes you to wash your sheet more often.

Now that you know the pros and cons of sleeping with a pet, it will be easier to make your decision. However, the most important question to ask yourself is if you are getting proper rest at night? The best way to cuddle up with your pet is with Livpure Sleep Products. Not only are they super comfy & cozy, but they are also designed to give your body the best support through your shut-eye time. Our sleep products are the perfect companion for you and your pet. Check it out here -

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