The Importance of Sleep for Children

The Importance of Sleep for Children

Infants essentially require more rest than fully grown adults to grow and develop complex brain functions. In the same way, a child needs enough nap to grow physically and mentally. Sleep is essential in their growing years to help them stay energized and healthy. Moreover, it also improves their concentration and learning skills. 

The importance of better sleep

Sleep directly affects the young minds – attention, performance, mood, learning, and memory.  As we all know it helps in growth and development in early infancy and good sleep ensures better motor development, memory consolidation, and alertness. 

What lack of sleep does to kids

Lack of proper rest can negatively affects both kids and adults. However, children are more likely to be affected by the consequences of poor slumber habits. 

  • Children who do not get enough rest can be moody:  their moods can swing from grumpy at times to hyperactive at other times. 
  • It can also affect their attention span and hamper their performance in school and learning. 
  • This also causes health concerns  among children and can also lead to many health concerns: allergies, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and a weaker immune system.
  • Restriction in sleep can not only affect their academic performance but also lead to mental health concerns and sleep disorders. 

How to improve nap time among children 

Sleep deprivation amongst kids can lead to some major concerns and therefore it is important to address the issue. There are a number of practices that help in ensuring better sleep among children. Let’s look at some of those tips here: 

  • Set a time: It is essential that we give them a set time to go to bed. 
  • Avoid screen time: Kids are mostly obsessed with watching TV or phones. Screen time can really hamper their sleep schedule and also their health. 
  • Healthy diet: Maintaining healthy and timely meals ensures better gut health and helps them to better slumber. 
  • Avoid unhealthy snacks and sugary treats: Before going to bed, avoid sugar and unhealthy snacks as they can disturb your sleep cycle. Sugar has a tendency to increase alertness and keep you up late at night. 
  • Doze darkness: Although kids are often scared of sleeping in darkness but low light actually helps in getting power naps.
  • Introduce a healthy bedtime routine: Make them follow a routine – brushing their teeth or reading a book before going to bed. 
  • Let them snuggle with their favourite soft toy or comforter while you put them to their bed. This will help them to feel comfortable and rest better. 

Follow these tips and observe if it is helping your child to rest properly at night. However, if they are struggling to fall asleep on a regular basis, do consult a specialist to find a solution. As a parent, you have to find the best mattress and bedding solution for your children to fall asleep on time. 

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Source: Children and Sleep, March 11, 2022, Sleep Foundation

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