The Horror that Your Mattress Can Harbor

The Horror that Your Mattress Can Harbor

Do you think your bed is the cleanest space to relax after a tiring field day? Then you might be mistaken! As there are so many bacteria and allergens that your mattress might be harboring. 

Deep cleaning is mandatory to make sure your bed space is clean and tidy. When you have kids around your house, cleaning becomes excessively vital. Bed cleaning is a tedious task that has to be done from time to time to ensure that there are no horrific elements in your sleep space. 

What Spoils Your Mattress and How?

  • Bed Bug

Bed bugs are a nightmare, and these are tiny creatures that feed on human blood for survival. They harbour themselves in your mattresses, cupboards, drawers and shelves. They are active during the night, and they will feed on your blood, leaving an itchy mark on your skin. Bed bugs don't carry any infection but can severely impact your sleep quality. You may either steam clean or replace your mattress. You can also try out Livpure's Waterproof Mattress Protector to ensure that no allergens, bedbugs, or infections get trapped inside your mattress. 

  • Mold Infection

Excessive moisture, damp weather is a breeding ground for Mold and mildews. A mold attack can happen anytime. Molds grow when the mattress lacks ventilation. To avoid such catastrophe, you require a bed that doesn't trap moisture and promotes proper ventilation. Livpure sleep solutions have innovative mattresses that are comfortable, durable, and provide ventilation to keep the mold infection from growing through seasons. Livpure’s OrthoX mattress comes with a Natural bamboo Fiber outer cover that prevents the growth of bacteria, mites and other germs in it.

  • Dust Mites

Dust mites are present where there is heat, moisture and dead skin. An unclean and old mattress is an ideal dust-mite location. Many individuals are allergic to dust mites. These can cause a lot of trouble and can disturb your sleep quality from dusk to dawn. Memory foam or polyester mattresses are a reasonable alternative for those looking for a mattress change after the dust-mite destruction. 

  • Stains

Stained mattresses don't sound appealing. Liquids can penetrate deep inside your bed mattress, causing smells, discomfort and moisture. You need to perform deep cleaning professionally. Get in touch with cleaners and get the mattress ready for use again. 

The Ultimate Guide for Cleaning

If you are horrified with the above disclosures about your bed, it's time to take control of things. These are few tips to clean your mattress and sleep peacefully every night, just like it's supposed to be:

  • Cleaning Supplies

Gather your cleaning supplies like a vacuum, cleaning brushes, water, baking soda, detergent and then decide what can help you in the given situation. 

  • Washing the Mattress

Washing a mattress isn't a piece of cake, and you have to take the help of a professional or some family member. However, take off the bed linen, and pillow covers and throw them into the washer to clean out the surfaces. 

  • Vacuuming

Vacuuming is easy and can be done anytime. It's a great way to pull out allergens, dust mites and moisture. Don't forget to vacuum the surroundings as well while you are at it. 

  • Stain Removal 

Stains are tough, and they will require extra attention. Every bed stain is different, and so will be its cleaning process. Talk to someone experienced and get the stubborn stains out to make your mattress feasible for sleeping. 

  • Baking Soda Hack

If it's a sunny day, take your mattress out on the lawn or balcony. Take some baking soda and sprinkle it all over it. This hack absorbs any excess moisture or odor in the mattress. 

  • Flipping

You should be flipping your bed mattress more than just once a year. This increases the lifespan of it and helps prevent mold and dust mite breeding. 

No More Mold & Mites! 

Leave behind the bedding troubles with a deep cleansing regime. Keep your sleep ambience healthy and safe to ensure there is plenty of space for sleep & relaxation. 

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