The Best Water Purifiers In India For Home Use

The Best Water Purifiers In India For Home Use

There are so many water purifiers in the market today that it is hard to pick and choose one and say that it is the best for home. The performance of a water purifier depends on many factors and this is especially true in the Indian context where the quality of water varies from one place to another. Also, we have to consider the affordability and service quality of the product to make it a viable choice for the general buyers.

So, it is important to assess one’s requirements before jumping to a conclusion about the best water purifiers you can buy. In this post, we are listing the advantages and disadvantages of technologies used in water purifiers. It will help you determine the kind of product which will suit your home’s needs.

  • Reverse Osmosis is the best and most preferred method of water filtration in the world today. It uses a membrane with microscopic pores to filter water molecules, leaving all inorganic impurities on the other side. However, the disadvantage of RO purifiers is that they are not capable of killing bacteria and viruses.
  • Water purifiers with Ultra Violet filtration use a powerful bulb which emits UV rays. As you know, UV rays are harmful for life forms on Earth, the filtration process kills of germs and microbes. But similar to RO purifiers, there is a disadvantage. Where RO purifiers cannot kill off germs, the UV water purifier cannot remove Total Dissolved Solids on its own.
  • Ultra-Filtration or UF water purifiers use an advanced water filter which can trap both organic and inorganic impurities. However, the filter is not meant for highly-polluted water and can only work effectively against low to moderate levels of water pollution.

So, in general, every water filtration has an advantage and a disadvantage of its own. Now, your choice of the best water purifier should be determined by the following factors.

  • If the water in your area has high concentration of inorganic compounds like arsenic, calcium, magnesium, etc. go for an RO water purifier.
  • If your water supply is sourced from a nearby dam, lake or pond, it would have high concentration of microbes i.e. bacteria and viruses. In this case, buy a UV water purifier.
  • Lastly, if you are living in a rural or semi-urban area where the groundwater has low levels of TDS, you can make do with a gravity-based water purifier with UF filtration.

But if you are absolutely concerned about the quality of water used in your household, you can buy a RO+UV+UF water purifier from your nearest Livpure dealer. The Indian brand offers affordable water purifiers with pan-India installation and maintenance services.

We hope this post will help you in choosing the best water purifier for your home. To know more about Livpure products, visit us at

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