The Benefits of Hot Water

The Benefits of Hot Water

Being the sustainer of life and good health, adequate water is vital for survival. And though water (regardless of the temperature) unlocks the door to optimal health, hot water, in particular, is considered to provide additional benefits for enhanced well-being.

The medical literature contains anecdotes on how warm water is key to unlocking certain health benefits. However, what does science have to say? Let's explore the list of benefits of hot water for the body.

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1. Hot Water Helps with Nasal Congestion

Steam therapy is the most commonly recommended when someone suffers from a runny nose or sinus infection. This is because it is believed that steam inhalation loosens the mucus blocking the nasal cavity.

Similarly, drinking hot water can clear throat congestion, at least eventually. One of the top benefits of hot water is that it thins down mucus and increases its velocity. As a result, symptoms such as swollen blood vessels, inflamed nasal passages, etc., reduce.

2. It Facilitates Better Digestion

Water, in general, is required for proper digestion. However, the benefit of hot water in this area cannot be ignored. Acting as a lubricant, the heat clears any food substances that may remain stuck in the food pipe or intestines.

This cleans your body thoroughly from within and flushes out toxins faster. With proper waste elimination, you also enjoy the benefits of weight loss and reduced risk of lifestyle-based diseases.

The best way to consume hot water for optimal digestion is to drink some after a heavy meal. This will help break down the fats and release digestive juices.

3. Can Improve the Function of the Central Nervous System

The nervous system also largely depends upon clean and safe water. This is why investing in the best water purifier in India is important. But, the same water, when allowed to come to a boil, cooled down a bit, and consumed, can improve the functioning of the nervous system and enhance mood.

Studies have shown that hot water consumption reduces anxiety and improves brain function, especially for demanding activities.

4. Can Provide Relief from Constipation

Do you find it difficult to have clear, regular bowel movements? Then, dehydration may be the culprit behind this issue. Drinking room-temperature water throughout the day will help you maintain good bowel movements.

But in case of an urgency where you're suffering from painful constipation, try consuming warm to hot water. This helps relieve the pressure and allows stool to pass easily through your intestines for proper bowel movement.

4. Warm Water Can Reduce Shivering during the Cold

When you catch a cold, shivering happens naturally. The body raises its internal temperature to kill bacteria and viruses, so it is natural to feel cold outwardly. However, one benefit of hot water is that it reduces shivering.

This is mainly because it aids the body in fighting off foreign organisms. Through the added internal heat, you feel less cold.

5. Hot Water Improves Circulation in the Body

Healthy and unobstructed blood flow is the basis for optimal health, blood pressure or heart condition. Hot water helps in the proper circulation of blood through the body.

When you consume hot to warm water, your circulatory organs, such as the veins and arteries, expand. This makes more room for blood to flow smoothly to different body parts. Blood is also composed of 70% water.

So, you must invest in the best water purifier to enjoy healthy blood formation.

6. Hot Water May Reduce Stress Levels

Water forms a vital component of every bodily function and system, and the same holds for the nervous system. Since hot water improves the process of this system, it can lead to heightened levels of relaxation and reduced stress.

Scientific studies have revealed that de-stressing and positivity were also included among the benefits of hot water. People who drank hot water showed greater calmness and positivity under stressful situations.

In any case, proper hydration is a must because dehydration can increase stress and cause headaches, reduced clarity and brain function, etc. But especially in winter, trust hot water to keep you calm and collected.

7. Hot Water Enables the Detoxification of All Systems

Even in ancient texts, water is known as a natural cleanser. It tends to flush out toxins and prepare the body for more excellent detoxification. The process can begin with consuming adequate water daily (if you don't already).

If you do, you can start consuming hot to warm water (mainly after meals) as it can improve kidney function and remove toxins in the blood. When used in herbal tea, this water can remove inflammation and joint movement.

Not All Hot Water is Equal Either

In most cases, people consider boiling tap water for a couple of minutes to get rid of all toxins. Though this process may remove bacteria and viruses, municipal water comprises several other toxins, such as heavy metals, chemicals, dissolved salts, and more.

So, you need the best hot water purifier to derive all the benefits mentioned above. Considering the different contaminants in modern-day municipal water, an excellent hot water purifier is based on a reverse osmosis system.

One of the top benefits of hot water purifier is that it removes all impurities through intense next-gen technology. Plus, the machine also adds essential minerals into the water for enhanced taste, smell, and health.

Choose the Livpure Route to Health!

All your water purifier woes end with Livpure! Backed by science and innovation, the Livpure water purifier is an advanced RO-based purifier with the dual benefits of UV and UF filtration.

As a result, the Livpure RO water is entirely free from chemicals, salts, heavy metals, and other nasties. You will experience good health and great flavour. You can also invest in the Livpure copper hot water purifier that filters water through an intense eight-step purification and copper infusion for additional health benefits.

The price of water purifier in both cases will vary. So, get in touch today and invest in your family's health!


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