The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Livpure Water Filter

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Livpure Water Filter

The most fundamental element needed for human living is water. It can be said once and for all that clean water is nothing less than a medication since drinking the recommended quantity of it each day will help us stay healthy and avoid many illnesses, as the well-known saying "Pure water is the world's first and primary medicine" indicates. We frequently hear that drinking water is very vital for us, but do we truly understand why this is the case?

All the benefits of drinking water, nevertheless, will be useless if we consume dirty water from unsanitary sources. The health of our bodies is negatively impacted by the bacteria, viruses, and metal pollutants found in impure water, such as arsenic, chlorine, lead, etc. Drinking contaminated water can also result in the spread of waterborne illnesses including cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and polio. Therefore, we must exercise extreme caution when choosing the source of the drinking water we use since both the quality and the quantity of water we consume directly affect our immune systems. Installing suitable water systems is also the simplest approach to guarantee the quality of drinking water.

Pros of using a Livpure water purifier

  1. Safeguards You from Risky Waterborne Diseases: Only 50 per cent of Indians have access to properly regulated drinking water. Hazardous viruses and bacteria may be present in unfiltered drinking water. RO water purifiers use a sheath with invisible pores to filter water (about 0.0001 microns wide). The water is cleansed of the vast majority of dangerous bacteria, fungi, germs, parasites, and viruses.
  2. Heavy Metals Are Eliminated: Long-term exposure to heavy metals in drinking water can result in cancer, organ, and neurological system damage, stunted growth, and other major health issues. Groundwater contains large amounts of heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead. This polluted water can result in long-term chronic diseases and impairments if the concentrations surpass the permissible limits. The carbon filter in the RO water purifier eliminates all impurities from your water supply. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are additional minerals and salts that the RO provides. These are crucial for maintaining health and increasing immunity. Because these heavy metals are eliminated by the pre-carbon filter and RO filter in a RO water purifier, the water is entirely safe to consume.
  3. Boost Metabolism and Digestion: A healthy body burns more calories even while at rest, which suggests a high metabolic rate. The correct minerals in fresh drinking water increase your body's overall metabolism. Additionally, it hastens the digestion of food, which makes you feel more energized and healthier. The World Health Organization states that enough copper is necessary for the normal operation of the body's many important enzyme systems. After being filtered, some water purifiers add copper to the water, creating water that speeds up metabolism, promotes digestion, and aids in the breakdown of fats.
  4. Helps in losing weight: Water assists in food digestion, the movement of food through the intestines, and the body's assimilation of vital nutrients. Insufficient pure drinking water consumption might result in a slow metabolism and poor digestion. Therefore, it is crucial for those seeking to lose weight to be aware that consuming clean water from a RO water purifier aids in boosting metabolism, improving digestion, and promoting weight loss.
  5. Enhances skin and hair well-being: Drinking pure water is healthy for your skin and hair, making you seem healthier. Human skin cells are mostly made of water, and not receiving enough of it can cause dry, sensitive skin and even premature aging. To keep moisturized skin and strong hair, it is advised that you consume a healthy amount of pure and safe drinking water. A RO water purifier is the best possible source of clean and safe drinking water.

Cons of using a water purifier

  1. Cost: Cost is one of the main drawbacks of any water purifier. For home purifiers, this entails the initial cost of installing a filter and pipes as well as continuous maintenance costs and filter element replacement costs when they become clogged with contaminants. The cost is increased for water utilities and may include the development of sizable water treatment facilities, pumps, pipes, and personnel to service and maintain the equipment. It is less expensive to drink tap water because even a water filtration pitcher needs a new filter every few months.
  2. Waste generation: Water purifiers are one example of a waste source. While some of the chemicals and contaminants removed from the water are not always properly disposed of, the vast number of discarded filters contributes to landfill mass. Businesses that purify water and sell it in bottles add extra plastic or glass that needs to be recycled or tossed away.
  3. Consumption of energy: Energy is used during both the manufacturing and use of water purifiers. Systems that purify water using reverse osmosis (RO) or UV filtration rely on electricity, which is frequently generated by coal-powered plants. Therefore, purifiers indirectly contribute to higher carbon emissions.
  4. Time: It takes time for water purifiers to transform water into a pure state. This might indicate a lengthier wait time before a faucet or pitcher fills with drinking water. When resources are scarce, as they often are during a drought, it may mean that consumers must wait for purified and filtered water. 

About Livpure

While drinking water is essential for the proper working of our body, it is crucial to drink safe and clean drinking water. You may want to purify your drinking water for a variety of valid reasons. Every person needs access to safe drinking water, and by employing a water purification system, you can guarantee that the water in your house is always sanitary, viable, and free of any unpalatable tastes or smells.

Livpure water purifier, an esteemed brand, has long worked to give every consumer within this country access to clean and pure, germ-free drinking water. Thanks to the cutting-edge research and development that goes into the production of Livpure RO purifiers and UV+UF water purifiers making it one of the best water purifier brands in India currently.

You may pick from a wide variety of water purifiers, from affordable models to state of art water purifiers. 

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