Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Positions

Sleep. We have covered multiple aspects of our natural recuperation with everything from habits prior to sleep as well as what our dreams mean. Today, we shall talk about sleeping positions and their meanings which is indeed an interesting topic. 

It should be stated that our sleeping positions may just be out of habit, but there has been a little research made into a more meaningful definition too. 

This research in short states a few main sleeping positions and their meaning. 

woman sleeping in fetal position

1. Fetal position:

This is the most common position used. There are theories of shyness and sensitivity tagged with this position and is also commonly used by women. 

sleeping woman

2. Side with arms stretched out:

The next being sleeping on one’s side with one’s arms stretched out. Here the research states that folks who sleep like this are more open-natured, but, slightly suspicious and stubborn with their decisions (that took a turn quite quickly). 

woman sleeping on stomach

3. Stomach sleepers:

There are also those who prefer sleeping on their tummy and are pipped to be easy going, social, yet don’t take well to criticism. 

4. Log position:

Here a soul sleeps on their back with their arms straight by their side. These folks claim to get the best and most effective sleep which might state a case when it comes to the physiological aspect of body positions. 

While these theories might sound extremely interesting to some. It is worth noting that sleeping positions are important. Other than their meanings, sleeping positions do play a role in getting good sleep. During sleep it is very important for blood to flow freely which allows the recuperation of our bodies. There is a number of scientific and medical research done on this and all come to the same conclusion that sleeping positions do play their part for a good nights sleep and an energetic start to the morning. 

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