Sleeping Naked: 7 Benefits of Going Commando While Sleeping

Sleeping Naked: 7 Benefits of Going Commando While Sleeping

The thought of going commando while sleeping might never come to your mind. However, did you know that there are numerous benefits to sleeping naked? We all know the effect of restful sleep on our overall health and mind. Effective and deep sleep plays a key role in recharging and rejuvenating the body after a long day. 

 Sleeping naked is effective in reducing stress, inducing better sleep, and improving overall wellness. 

Here are 7 benefits of sleeping naked:

1. Helps sleep faster

When you sleep, the surrounding temperature and the heat from your body affect your sleep. You are more likely to fall asleep during the night when the temperature is lower. Shedding clothes while sleeping allows the body to cool down and therefore, induces sleep faster. In the same way, your bedding – mattress, comforter, pillow, and bedsheets –  affects your sleeping pattern. It is important to choose your bedding solution that is breathable and does not trap heat while you sleep.

2. Allows quality sleep

Apart from making you fall asleep faster, sleeping naked also impacts your overall sleep and helps achieve the quality sleep that your body needs. Sleeping naked allows your body temperature to go down and induces effective deep sleep. When the temperature is low, the sleep quality is often better as you can have undisturbed sleep. 

3. Helps lower anxiety & stress

Deep and restful sleep is connected to your mental and emotional well-being. A good night's sleep helps in making you feel less anxious. When you sleep well, your body and mind are at rest. As you wake up after a good sleep, both body and mind are refreshed. It helps improve concentration and productivity throughout the day. Also, sleeping better ensures that you stress less and make you feel better the next morning. 

4. May promote healthy weight loss

Sleep is often linked to how you feel or look. Having a good sleep routine can aid in weight loss if you are aiming to shed some kilos. Some studies indicate that sleeping naked is especially helpful as lower temperatures assist in losing weight. Lower body temperature increases the activity of brown fat which is responsible for promoting higher metabolism in your body. 

5. Glowing Skin

Yes, you heard that right. Beauty sleep is essential for healthy and glowing skin. As you sleep deeper while being naked, the skin gets an ample amount of time to heal wounds. Your skin heals and repairs while your body is at rest. This also improves your skin health and promotes anti-aging. 

6. Promotes reproductive health

For both males and females, going commando can be especially beneficial in promoting good reproductive health. Sleeping sans undergarment for females helps prevent infections caused by yeast. If you are not entirely comfortable going commando, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting and natural fiber clothing. Ditching undergarments is also great for male fertility. Tight-fitting clothing and heat can lower the sperm count. Wearing no underwear is therefore recommended to maintain an ideal temperature around the crotch area. 

7. Boosts intimacy among couples

Skin-on-skin contact between couple help boost intimacy among them. Low-intensity stimulation like touching, stroking, etc releases oxytocin in response to touch. This release of oxytocin reduces stress and helps in building a strong connection with your partner. 


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