Sleep Well on Your Cozy Bed After the Christmas Celebration

Sleep Well on Your Cozy Bed After the Christmas Celebration

The vacation season has become synonymous with joy, family fun, and laughter. From midnight Christmas mass to family parties, this season comes with many opportunities to stay up past bedtime. It is no surprise then that the festive season also brings with itself insomnia and makes it difficult to catch up on lost sleep. The result is lingering fatigue and compromised health that may cause you to feel dull all of December, or leave you feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck come January.

Even if you’ve planned to go to bed timely on some December nights which are not party nights, there’s almost more at play and preparation which will compel you to be awake late nights and which will rob you of quality sleep during the Christmas season. If you’re inquisitive about moving through the vacations feeling more rested and relaxed than you have got during the past Christmas seasons, keep reading our sleeping tips. 

What is causing your bad sleep? 

It is important to protect our sleep over the festive season. It is a great idea to start planning in advance.. However, even after you manage to get yourself to bed at a decent time, sometimes what comes next isn’t exactly a restful night’s sleep. It is hard to shut your brain off and relax your body, both of which are essential steps for an amazing night’s sleep.

What are the problems that can disrupt your sleep? 

Financial Worry

Whether you overspend on friends and family, are worried about having enough money to shop for your children the gifts they asked for, or are overwhelmed with keeping all the expenditures straight, the feeling of monetary stress can burden your brain all night long through the vacation season. Additionally, many of us also feel pressured to give extra charitable donations this point of the year, and if it’s not something you'll be able to afford, you'll add financial guilt onto your list of worries.

Family Pressures

It is often hard to divide your family’s time in order that you’re able to spend time with all the important people in your life. Reckoning on where all your family stays, work schedules, weather, finances so many other factors, the pressure can feel high when it involves meeting family obligations and invitations. And each parent wants to provide their child with an excellent Christmas, which implies you'll even be adding pressure on yourself to make magical moments at home too.

Binge eating and drinking

Routines and habits definitely take a hit during the vacations and plenty of people just write it off because it’s a part of celebrating the off time. But caffeine and alcohol act as a stimulant, which can keep you awake, and might cause more disturbed sleep throughout the night. And obviously, an excessive amount of sugar and carbohydrates also will make it harder to go to sleep, and rich foods can give rise to indigestion and heartburn which can likely keep you up in the dead of night. Following healthy sleeping tips can only help with this. 

Uncomfortable mattress

An unsuitable bed mattress or an old, saggy one can take your sleep away or create sleep disturbances. Even the tiredness of all the festivities won’t put you to good, clean sleep. It will give you a backache, joint pains, muscle stiffness and you will wake up grumpy and stiffer than before. The same goes for an old, saggy, or unsuitable pillow.

Sleep tips for the vacation season

We’re under no circumstances saying that each one of those stresses doesn’t matter and you must just let it all go. What we are saying though, is that by being more conscious of the stresses the vacation season brings, you'll be able to be better prepared and feel more up to the mark over why you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. Unfortunately, feeling exhausted only causes you to feel more stressed - it’s a vicious circle that may be hard to interrupt.

Here are some sleep tips to manage your stresses so you'll sleep well this Christmas:

  • Carry a notebook during the day where you'll be able to make notes of ‘to-do’s’ and keep track of holiday purchases. Feeling confident that you just are less likely to forget or duplicate something can ease off a great amount of vacation stress and facilitate you to follow a budget.
  • Plan ahead together with your friends and family. Disappointing someone at the last moment is stressful. Have discussions around holiday plans well before in order that everyone knows what to expect and when to expect you.
  • Be smart about food and drink. Before you overindulge, stop and give some thought to how your choices will cause you to feel later in the day when it’s time for sleep.
  • And after all, practice good sleep tips, which suggest getting the recommended eight hours of sleep an evening, and confirm your sleep environment- like your room temperature, mattress, pillows, comforters, the level of darkness, etc. is supporting your sleep needs.

What about your bed? 

We already talked about how your bed or mattress affects your sleep. If you have delayed replacing a worn-out one, Christmas is the right time to get a new mattress. Livpure is not only offering a huge range of mattresses for you to choose from suited to your specific needs, check out for the amazing vacation discounts as well. And when you are already getting a mattress, why not change the whole setup with our bundle offers? The comforter is luxurious, comes in exciting colors and various sizes as well. Along with all these, discover a wide range of pillows for your sleep. Not only that, to cut out work from home stress, we have sitting solutions for you as well- a back support pillow and neck pillow. When you are buying everyone a gift for Christmas, why not give yourself the best sleep this festive season! 

Christmas Takeaway

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of proper sleep before anything else, as long term health is more important than temporary fun. Try to plan your festivities and meeting your friends around your sleeping habits. Opt for healthy food options, minimize alcohol consumption and sugary treats. 

Merry Christmas! 

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