Seven Ways Your Mattress Can Invite Health Hazards

Seven Ways Your Mattress Can Invite Health Hazards

We all look forward to peaceful slumber in our bed after a tiring day at work. It is clinically proven that sleep can make-up for all your exhaustions stress and tensions. However, research says that most of the people around the world remain sleep deprived. One of the main peripheral reasons for sleep disorders can be bed quality. The mattresspillow and bedsheets can improve your sleep quality. Many of us tend to ignore this fact, but yes, this is true!

Just imagine, a super-soft clean and comfortable bed, where you can crash at night. It is the most heavenly feeling when you can lock a peaceful eight to nine hours of sleep and arise fresh for a beautiful day. However, your mattress can challenge your resting time and can make this goal impossible in multiple ways, all of which can eventually affect your health. 

Here are 7 ways that a mattress can affect your health:

1. Allergic infections

Your old mattress can be home to dust mites, which may cause allergic irritations. These micro-organisms, which breed exponentially in a humid climate, can trigger skin irritation and respiratory anomalies, chest pain or tightness, wheezing etc. However, even though your futon looks sparklingly clean, dust mites may infest at any point of time, if the mattress is old.

Hence, you should invest on a new mattress or can also buy a comfortable mattress protector that comes with a zip that fits easily on the mattress. It has washable fabric to make cleaning easy. You can wash your bedsheets once a week to avoid dust mite invasion to reduce allergies. The natural mattress by Livpure sleep contains natural anti-allergen latex mattress with non-synthetic components that are organic and helps to keep dust mites away.  

2. Body pain triggers

When we sleep, our body rejuvenates completely. However, while sleeping an incorrect posture may become trigger body pain. An adequate orthopaedic support is a must when it comes to a mattress. Any push or pull on your spine or neck and other joints can exert pressure on the ligaments and tendons that connect the bones and muscles. An old and saggy mattress may fail to provide adequate postural support to the body that can lead to sleep deprivation and ruin your day. Livpure sleep product presents regal memory foam latex mattress that ensures complete spine support. The cool gel memory foam and high-density support foam along with anti-slip base provides comfort and helps to control body pain. 

3. Sweaty nights can interrupt sleep

Do hot and humid nights take away your sleep and leave you in the pool of sweat? If yes, then your old and mushy mattress can be one of the prime reasons for it that leaves you to suffer from sleep disorders and other related ailments. If the mattress material is synthetic, that contains artificial fibres, it retains atmospheric heat and makes you warm at night. However, cool gel memory foam mattress by Livpure adapts to the climatic condition and helps you to sleep comfortably. The thick and soft support foam provides the best support for the body and absorbs your body heat and helps to sleep peacefully. Furthermore, the natural mattress by Livpure constitutes natural memory foam and has chemical free materials such as anti-allergen latex foam that provides extra comfort to your body. Livpure’s super comfortable Egyptian Cotton bedsheet can also help you enjoy a relaxed slumber at night.

4. Elevates stress, anxiety and hypertension

We all are aware of the importance of good sleep for wellbeing. But, for a deep slumber, a comfortable mattress is the prime parameter. If you compromise with your mattress quality, you are unwillingly bringing in to several discomforts like sleep deprivation. Insufficient sleep immediately impacts your mood, leaves your worn-out and irritable at the same time.

Moreover, sleep deprivation, leads to frequent sufferings such as lower back and neck pain, gut-related problems, decrease immunity etc. which all together causes unwanted stress, anxiety and hypertension. Sound sleep helps to overcome your stress level and cool gel memory foam mattress by Livpure is one of the perfect solutions for it. Its thick and super-soft foam allows you to sleep comfortably. Additionally, you can also buy Egyptian Cotton bedsheet set that adds to the superb luxury.

5. Affects immune system

Sleepless nights due to uncomfortable mattress can hit your immune system and make it prone to health issues. Your resistance power to ailments weakens and you become susceptible to unwanted diseases such as cough, digestive troubles that affect your wellbeing and for that you lose attention in life.

Buy mattress that can assist in better sleep. You may additionally reflect on Vital reversible foam mattress from Livpure, which comes with super soft and high-density foam on reverse sides and offers remarkable comfort. You can use this mattress on both the sides, with breathable, detachable and washable outer material and consequently it is easy to maintain.

6. Disturbs heart health

Sleep is very critical for your heart health. Sleep deprivation can lead to an increase in stress level and high blood pressure resulting in cardiac complications. Your mattress can invite cardiac complexities because it can disrupt your sleep. Thus, it is quintessential to change your old bedding with the natural mattress by Livpure.

The cool gel herbal memory foam and natural aroma soothes the senses and helps to manage stress and blood pressure. The soft and cushiony density foam gives super comfort and releases agony. Hence, getting rid of cardiac problems becomes easy.

7. Disrupts Memory power

Sleep deficiency is known to trigger memory loss. A poor-quality mattress affects sleep and as a result, makes the memory cells malfunctioning. Many of you may be aware of the disease Alzheimer but, for the unversed, it is a chronic symptom that damages memory power and other psychological functions.  People with Alzheimer, continuously decline in thinking power, they develop behavioural discrepancies and social abstinence that affects the personality and independent physical ability. Investment on a first-class mattress can keep away from such chronic ailments.

The variety of Livpure sleep range can assist you to get the proper futon for deep and stress-free sleep that you deserve.

Leading a healthy and fit life is a fundamental right for every human. Hence, if spending a little penny for a new mattress can reform and revitalize your life, you should go for it. So, wait no more. Order mattress online today and gift yourself and your loved one’s peaceful sleep and merrier health of all time.

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