Scientifically, Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Scientifically, Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Women need more sleep than men. Really. No matter how you spin this, it is a proven fact men and women need are designed differently and need different amounts of sleep.

Current research shows that women need around 30 minutes of sleep every night more than men. It is essential to a women’s well being to get the necessary rest. This blog, we will deep dive into the reasons why this is necessary

 Why do women need more sleep?

One of the main reasons why this is true is MULTI TASKING. Women tend to multitask more than men. They use their brain more during the day leading to a greater need for sleep – according to Jim Horne – a lead sleep neurologist in UK. Women’s brains are wired differently as they multi-task and so their snooze need will be slightly greater.

Another difference is their brains are designed to be able to rear children while simultaneously work. This design is what has enabled our ancestors to raise children along with cooking or any other house work. This hasn’t changed much, women are still expected to give birth, take care of the children while having a full time job or work from home.

Even for women who aren’t mothers, hormones play a big role in getting quality sleep. During their monthly cycle, there is a surge in the progesterone hormone, which requires more energy. More energy leads to a need for additional rest.

So to all the women out there, rest up!

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