Sankranti Offers- Flat 20% Off on Livpure Mattress

Sankranti Offers- Flat 20% Off on Livpure Mattress

Harvest festivals are believed to be the oldest kinds of festivals around the world. They're some way of thanking the spirits for the bounty it offers with new crops. Since India is a land of great biodiversity, different states celebrate several harvest festivals. Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Baisakhi, Onam, Pongal are a number of them. With harvest festivals, it is also a sign that winters are coming to a close. All this celebration and change calls for special discounts from Livpure on various sleep products. Celebrate the festival of togetherness with exciting offers on mattress from Livpure from 13th to 17th of January, 2021. 

Losing sleep due to the cold? 

Even though Sankranti marks the end of winter, the chill in the air won’t go so fast. And then, during the summers, when you decide to crank up the air conditioner, you will need something to lightly cover you up as well during the dead of the night. The thing that will protect you is Livpure’s all-weather comforter. With 200 GSM microfiber filling, it is suitable to use throughout the year. It is extremely lightweight, box stitched for longevity, made up of hypoallergenic material, and now is at 15% off- so that you can start enjoying the luxury right now! 

Or, losing sleep because of the non-stop festivities? 

Yes we know what you are going through- the festivities and fun have not paused since Dussehra, and now it’s just overkill. The thing is, While it is important to enjoy it while it lasts, it is also important to get some good sleep. Good sleep is important for the human body and mind to function properly. All adults need seven to nine hours of a good night’s slumber. 

Livpure offers a wide range of mattresses to help you get the desired amount of sleep. Explore the range of mattresses- ortho mattressreversible mattress, hybrid mattress, mattress with a latex layer, etc. only on our website. Our mattresses are designed to improve sleep quality and take away the worries of dust, bacteria, allergens, and heating up- yes, it comes with a layer of cooling gel to keep you cool on warm nights and is made of hypoallergenic material. 

This season, enjoy a flat 20% off on all our mattresses- so go explore! Get a 100 nights risk free trial so that you know which mattress is the best one for you! 

Work from home comfort

We understand that work from home is getting increasingly excruciating as the days go by. Make it more comfortable by investing in a back support pillow. This will not only make your everyday work more comfortable and alleviate your backache, but it will also give you long-term benefits in the form of good spinal alignment, posture improvement, and no chronic back problems. Spyne from Livpure is the the best backrest pillow you can get. It is ergonomically designed to give your back the much-deserved support. This cool-gel infused memory foam pillow is crafted to offer you maximum lumbar support and alignment for your back. One more reason to buy it right now- this Sankranti, get it at flat 15% off. 

Time to deck up your mattress and pillows

You have been wanting to change those pillows and add some more to your bed like the pictures in your favorite design magazine. With a minimum of 15% off on everything, time to buy those soft, cushiony, and comfortable pillows for your bed. Buy from a range of memory foam and microfiber pillows- they are not only cool, but they are also made from hypoallergenic materials and have a long life. 

The Egyptian cotton bed sheets will add the touch of luxury to your bed- exactly what you need to ward off the pandemic depression. With all the exciting colours- it will not only feel luxurious but also look the same. 

Give time to self-care

All the stress relief activities in the world won't help you ward off festival stress and tiredness if you aren't taking care of yourself. Meditation won't do you any good if you aren't getting adequate sleep. In fact, when you try to meditate, you might doze off because you aren't taking care of your body's need for sleep.

Similarly, exercising a few times won't relieve much stress if you're only filling your body with processed junk food. You need to tend to your basic needs first if you want your stress relief activities to be effective. One of the best self-care techniques is to just relax- draw up a nice bath, treat yourself to some beauty regimens and be clean. Let Livpure help you do this by offering you bamboo fibre bath towels- and environment friendly and sustainable luxury. By using the 15% discount, invest in the bamboo fibre towel set for hand and bath towels of your dreams. 

Other discounts

Explore Livpure’s bundle and combo discounts on products to buy all the things you need for your sleep and wellness. Our ever-dynamic bundle offers takes care of all your sleeping needs only in one click- order from the comfort of your home and get it delivered speedily without any hassles. You don’t need to go out and haggle at the stores to get pocket friendly and top quality products anymore. Our existing customers also get exciting discounts and referrals can get you discount coupons! 

Also, enjoy No Cost EMI on HDFC Credit Cards on minimum order value Rs 20,000. EMI Available for 3, 6 & 9 Months only on Livpure! 

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