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RO Water Purifiers Suited for Indian Homes

It is natural to look up the pros and cons of a new product or technology before putting your money down. The research allows us to determine how and when can a new technology help us. Also, it also tells us the importance of brand value in a market full of similarly specified products. Here, we have compiled a list of features that make a RO water purifier suitable for an Indian home.

Price of RO Water Purifier

First up is the amount of money you pay for a smart home product like a water purifier. Since India is a middle-income economy, considering the price of a product is the first thing done by an average consumer. The bestselling RO and UV purifier models are the ones which are sensibly priced between ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 15,000.


Where price denominates the initial amount that you spend on a product, cost encompasses the money you spend for keeping it efficient and operational. It includes replacement of filters, servicing and maintenance during the product’s life. Here, water purifiers from Indian brands fare much better than foreign products which lack service and support networks in the country.

Source of water

India has a unique geographical structure, which means that the sources of drinking water vary from place to place. Where in the scorching deserts of Rajasthan water is sourced from borewells, central India mainly relies on river and lakes for drinking water. Down south, a combination of water bodies and underground water is used for meeting fresh water needs. This variation in water sources means that you need a different type of water purifier for every source. RO purifiers are most suited for underground water treatment whereas UV water purifiers provide protection from microbial growths in river, lake and pond water. For households which move from place to place, investing in an RO + UV water purifier is the most prudent choice.

Taste and nutrition

The reverse osmosis process in its purest form removes all mineral content from the supplied water. This alters the taste of the water, which is why many people do not like to drink purified water. But this is a problem that is faced by people who own locally made water purifiers. A branded water purifier from companies like Livpure comes with mineralizer cartridges which adds nutritional and taste enhancing elements back into the purified water, only removing harmful elements like heavy metals, pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, cadmium and other toxic salts.

Storage Capacity of RO Water Purifier

It is an important feature for water purifiers sold in India where power cuts can occur during peak summers. Thus, having clean drinking water stored for ready use is a must have feature here. Generally, a water purifier with storage tanks of 5 to 7 litres is enough for an Indian household of 4-5 family members.

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