RO Water Purifier Vs UV Water Purifier?

RO Water Purifier Vs UV Water Purifier?

The water purifier market is filled with various technologies. RO(Reverse Osmosis) and UV(Ultraviolet) purification systems are two of the most popular choices among customers. The working of these water purification systems can differ from brand to brand. Different manufacturers have developed their products differently to cater to the customer's needs. 

While RO is always a safe choice for most consumers in the Indian market. However, UV water purifiers are equally good for water purification. The technology used in both the water filters is poles apart. They are both sufficient to purify the water-based of the quality of the water source. Let’s understand the technologies and their functions.

What is an RO water purifier?

A RO water purifier is a machine that employs reverse osmosis technology used to remove heavy salts, impurities, bacteria and other contaminants. This water purification technology uses a semi-permeable membrane to purify the water. The water is passed through a delicate membrane using an electrical-operated pump or device. Due to the high pressure exerted on the movement of water, the impurities and contaminants fall behind and clean water moves to the next stage of purification. The water purified from an RO is free of contaminants, salts, and germs. 

Most people choose an RO water purification system at home to obtain clean and safe drinking water. With RO technology, one can be assured that the water they are drinking is pure and bacteria-free.  

Why should you choose an RO water purifier? 

  • Best for a high concentration of salt and metals in the water
  • Ideal for high TDS levels in water 
  • RO water purifier ensures complete removal of contaminants and impurities
  • The built-in pre-filter helps clean muddy and dirty water
  • Extremely effective in removing bacteria and viruses from the water
  • It is a value-for-money appliance and provides good efficiency

Disadvantages of RO: 

  • High-end models of reputed brands can be expensive
  • Removes minerals from the water and alters the taste of water
  • Requires regular maintenance based on the poor quality of water
  • Operates only with electrical power

Best RO water purifier:

Pep Pro Grand Water Purifier

Pep Pro Grand is a 6-stage filtration system water purifier that also improves the flavour of the water while it is purifying. The Pep Pro Grand purifies water from any source and infuses it with vital minerals thanks to its high-quality and cutting-edge technology systems.

Why should you buy Pep Pro Grand? 

This decently priced water purification system offers a lot of benefits to customers. With the power to purify water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm, this model is one of the best in the market. 

  • Offers 6-Stage Advanced Purification 
  • Comes with RO+UV+Mineralizer 
  • You get an In-tank UV sterilization 
  • 7 Litres water storage capacity
  • Add essentials minerals to your water
  • Suitable to purify water with up to 2000 ppm
  • Removes 99% bacteria and viruses 

What is UV Water Purifier? 

UV or Ultraviolet filtration is performed with the help of UV rays. The water stored in an In-tank is purified using UV radiation. These rays help in effectively killing 99% of bacteria and viruses in the water tank. All pathogens have been removed from the water. The UV water filter is beneficial to health since it eliminates all dangerous microorganisms from the water without altering its flavour.

These water purifiers come with additional filters to purify the water and remove other impurities from the water. High power UV lamp installed in the purification system disinfects the water completely.

Why should you choose a UV water purifier? 

  • Ideal for water purification of water with low TDS
  • Comes at a cost-effective price point
  • Kills harmful bacteria and viruses present in the water
  • Often comes with a large water storage capacity
  • Provides clean and germ-free water
  • Can work effectively even without electricity
  • Protects against water-borne diseases
  • Takes the mineral content of the water intact

Disadvantages of UV:

  • It is not effective in muddy and dirty water
  • Can not remove impurities from the water
  • Not effective in case of high TDS levels
  • Does not affect the quality of the water

Best UV Water Purifier: 

Touch UV Water Purifier 

With Livpure's Touch UV Water Purifier, which uses an advanced UV Disinfection System to filter water below 200 TDS Levels, you can get clean and healthy drinking water.

  • Custom Dispensing Options
  • Elegant Sleek Design
  • 12 Months Warranty + 1 Preventive Maintenance
  • Does not change TDS levels

This is a very economical purchase but with very high-quality standards. You get the best features and excellent performance within your budget. 

Which one is better? 

Although the technology used in both water purifiers, however, they do a decent job in effective water purification. Let’s understand the difference between them through this table.

Sno. RO Water Purifier UV Water Purifier
1.  Uses electricity to purify water Does not need electricity
2.  Removes bacteria and viruses Kills bacteria and viruses but does not remove them 
3.  Uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter Employ UV light lamp to kill the bacteria and germs
4. Controls the amount of TDS in drinking water Can not remove TDS from the drinking water; works on the water with low TDS levels

If you are looking to invest in a water purifier, this article will help in understanding the difference between RO and UV water purifiers. Based on the water quality, price range, and your preference, you can purchase one for your household use. This article should help you understand which purifier is best for you.

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