Reclining Ganesha: Significance and importance

Reclining Ganesha: Significance and importance

Ganesha Chaturthi is being celebrated across the country with great devotion and dedication. Lord Ganesha is one of the most important and loved deities in the Hindu religion. He is known by 108 names and is worshipped across the country. His image is popularly identified by the image of an elephant head. However, lord Ganesha has 32 forms and one among them is the reclining Ganesha. 

The statute of reclining Ganesh

The image of a reclining Ganesh is rare and holds a special significance in the Hindu culture and belief. There are a few paintings and sculptures of reclining Ganesh that have been found by the Archaeological Survey of India. The form of sleeping Ganesha is given importance during the Vinakaya Chaturthi celebrations, where the sleeping Ganesh is placed in pandals for devotees to worship. 

What does the form of Sleeping Ganesh symbolise? 

The calm and composed demeanour of sleeping Ganesh symbolises wealth, luxury, comfort, and prosperity. The murtis of sleeping Ganesha often shows lord Ganesh leaning on a pillow or bolster pillow. This posture of Ganesh is associated with luxury and royalty as the lord is seen relaxing comfortably on his throne with a pillow. 

With the statue of reclining Ganesha, the image of sleeping baby Ganesh is also very popular but is not worshipped in temples or homes. Similarly, the sleeping Ganesh form is not commonly found in homes. 

However, lord Ganesha is worshipped in his most common form which is his sitting posture. Ganpati is considered to be a protector and therefore is worshiped before every new beginning and on auspicious occasions. 

Vastu rules to place Ganesh Idol in your home

If you are looking to place a Ganpati idol at your home, here are a few things you should keep in mind: 

  1. Keep the direction of the trunk in mind: Ideally, the trunk of the Ganpati idol should be directed towards the left side. 
  2. Always place the idol in the right direction: Placing the idol in the right direction makes a difference. You can place your Ganpati idol in the west, north, and northeast direction with the back of the idol facing the entrance or exit of your home. Essentially, steer clear of the south direction.
  3. One idol is ideal: According to Vastu, it is best to stick to one Ganesh idol at your house. However, it is a personal choice. 
  4. Look at other elements of the idol: Lord Ganesh loves his vahan or vehicle which is a mouse. Your idol should have a mouse and his favourite sweet, modak
  5. The colour of the idol: If you are seeking peace, prosperity, and happiness in your house, then look for an idol in white colour. 


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