Reasons Why People Sleep Less in Summer?

Reasons Why People Sleep Less in Summer?

Humans are wired to sleep after the sun sets and wake when it rises. Our body clock uses light and darkness to regulate sleep. Exposure to light stimulates the realm within the brain that regulates hormones like melatonin and blood heat. This, in turn, affects whether we feel sleepy or awake. Melatonin increases sleepiness, and levels increase because the sun sets and stay elevated for about twelve hours. Most areas of the planet experience a rise in sunlight hours during the summer and nighttime hours during the winter. Changing sunrise and sunset times can have a control on melatonin levels and also the time you begin to feel sleepy in the dark. If the sun sets later, you will not start to feel sleepy until later. All this confusion can make your body clock suffer and cause short-term or long-term insomnia and other sleep disorders as well. 

How can we help our body not get confused with the change in sunlight exposure?

You can’t change the time the sun sets or rises, but you can surely change your bedroom environment. You can eliminate all external light by using blackout curtains and turning off or unplugging all electronic devices that emit light. Additionally, exposure to sunlight within the morning may help to manage your melatonin levels and make it easier to go to sleep at the hours of darkness, preventing sleep disorders such as insomnia. Try going for a morning walk to start out your day.

Of course, there are other factors, like exposure to artificial light from electronics in the dead of night, that may disrupt these natural hormonal rhythms. Experts recommend limiting your exposure to any or all electronic devices a minimum of one hour before your bedtime.


Daytime activity levels affect how long we sleep and should change with the seasons. As little as 10 minutes of aerobics, like walking or cycling, can dramatically improve the standard of your sleep. Unfortunately, many folks are less likely to interact in outdoor activities during the colder months of the year. To make matters worse, the winter season may encourage us to eat richer and fewer healthy foods and become couch potatoes. People also tend to be more active in the hours of darkness during the summer. Longer days, warmer temperatures, school breaks, and vacations tend to extend our group action within the summer evenings over winter periods. This can prove to be harmful when done near bedtime. Hence during summers, we might sleep less during the night. Try to exercise or be active at least two to three hours before you hit the pillows. 

Summer heat makes it harder to sleep 

At night, your core vital sign decreases by two or three degrees to initiate sleep. Because the temperature within the air around your drops, so does your core temperature, making it easier to sleep. Ideal sleeping temperatures are around 18 degrees Celsius. This presents obvious challenges for those living without air-conditioners in warmer climates. Experts suggest limiting bedding and sleeping in light bedclothes. Additionally, your body will try and lose heat through your hands and feet, so keep them outside of the covers to cool down.

Alcohol doesn’t help

This summertime illusion may go hand in hand with drinking more regularly, which could be a good reason for disrupted sleep. Alcohol interferes with sleep, which isn't specific to summer, but it does seem more prevalent because summertime increases alcohol consumption due to more vacations. 

The biochemical reasons for this are that alcohol decreases slow-wave sleep or deep sleep. that is the part of sleep where the brain encompasses a chance to rearrange everything that's happened that day, save memories, and essentially throw out the junk. When you drink alcohol it causes you to sleepy, and you fall right to sleep. But then because the alcohol wears off three, maybe four hours later, then it actually has the alternative effect and its awakening effect.

The health impacts of sleep deprivation are serious

The health impacts of not getting enough sleep will be severe. And you do not need to be up for 48 hours at a time to be sleep-deprived. You will get the negative effects after just losing out on some hours nightly during the week, accumulating something called sleep debt. And if you accumulate an excessive amount of sleep debt, it can have real negative consequences on your body. for example, your ability to concentrate decreases, your memory is impaired, your ability to react falls, you have got increased pain sensitivity, and your overall cognition is poorer, and might lead to insomnia as well. Also, it can have a bearing on your weight, because the amount of a hormone called ghrelin increases once we aren't getting enough sleep, which makes people hungrier for foods high in fat and sugar.

What can you do to get some sleep back? 

You may think when you are tired you are a little slow and groggy, but insomnia contains a lot of effects on the entire body in addition. But you will help yourself out by staying far from screens in the dark, reducing your alcohol intake, and ensuring your bedroom is dark and at a cooler temperature, if possible. Following a healthy lifestyle, hitting the pillows at the identical time, and waking up at identical times work well for sleep too. 

Make your bedroom environment sleep-friendly

Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary and summer-friendly. You should not use it for anything other than sleeping and sex. When you condition yourself to do that, you will slowly get into a routine and hence stay away from sleep deprivation. Get yourself into a bedtime routine to get a good night’s sleep, every night. 

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