Reasons to Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Reasons to Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Since water is essential for us, we would like to believe that all forms of water are pure enough to consume but unfortunately, this is indeed the wrong assumption. There are some benefits of tap water like the presence of natural minerals including convenience and low cost. However, it has been found that tap water does contain dangerously high concentrations of pollutants like lead, fluoride, alum, arsenic, and germs. It might surprise you to learn that the water flowing from your home tap is not as pure as you might imagine. Tap water is frequently tainted with pathogens, germs, and other dangerous contaminants. 

You need to have mineral water available to consume because it is one of the most valuable pillars of human life. Maintaining healthy bodily functioning requires drinking RO water that is free of pollutants and disease-causing microbes. As a result, everybody wants to have the best water purifier and make it an essential component of modern residences. To ensure that your family has a consistent supply of pure and filter water for a long, you should also think about installing the best water purifier. 

We all understand that we need to increase our water intake. Hence you must go for the best water purifier in India i.e Livpure. 

With the help of this article, you can understand the cons of tap water and why you should avoid it.

Reasons to avoid tap water:

1. Hazardous Chemicals

Plenty of pollutants can be detrimental to your health if you consume tap water. Chloramine, chloride, lead, and mercury is a few of them. Chemicals that are both man-made and naturally occurring that may be damaging to one's health include pesticides, chlorine, and bacterial toxins. Therefore you need to avoid drinking tap water. Install a Livpure water purifier to get access to mineral water free from toxins. 

2. It Might Cause Skin Irritation

Tap water is not filtered and contains both beneficial and toxic substances that make it unsuitable for use. Due to its high mineral composition and the presence of substances like calcium and magnesium, (hard water) the term used to describe the majority of municipal water sources, may irritate your skin and cause throat itching. Apart from these Cholera can be caused by consuming tap water, hence it is advised to avoid the use of tap water. Instead, you can install a Livpure water purifier that can provide you with the best quality RO water. 

3. Tap water may result in digestive problems

Drinking tap water may aggravate digestive problems including bloating or constipation. Even the beneficial microorganism in the stomach can get affected by the use of tap water and cannot work efficiently in the digestive process. Having the use of safe, pure, and filter water for drinking and cooking not only improves bodily ability but also protects from many health issues. So get a Livpure purifier in your home and enjoy drinking RO water with your family.

4. Contain heavy metals

Aside from natural mineral deposits, plumbing and service lines can also let heavy metals including arsenic, mercury, or lead get into your water system. According to the research, individuals who regularly take these minerals may experience short or long-term poisoning that is connected to cancer, anemia, liver damage, kidney damage, intestinal damage, and other health issues. Therefore surely get a RO water purifier in your home to drink safe and clean water full of healthy minerals.

5. There are parasites and bacteria present

Microorganisms that make you ill, such as parasites or bacteria, can be found in tap water. These are health hazards that can cause life-threatening diseases. So it is a must to install a RO from a trusted source. Livpure water purifier is the best water purifier in India that provides you with a premium quality product. Additionally, they are made of advanced technology which can remove harmful substances and sustain the beneficial ones.

6. Radioactive Elements

Sometimes plutonium, cesium, and other radioactive substances are found in drinking water. These substances can release ionizing radiation, which can destroy your body's cells and raise your likelihood of getting cancer. X-rays and ultraviolet radiation are two more forms of ionizing radiation to which people are exposed. So it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and your family and immediately install a RO water purifier to get access to pure, safe, and mineral water.

7. Not Refreshing

Tap water also has the drawback of frequently having a bad taste. Water should taste fresh and revitalizing if it is pure and clean. Algae, bacteria, or even other organic material in the water's source is frequently to blame for water from the tap that tastes stinky. Pollutants including lead, mercury, and other substances can occasionally be found in it as well. Ingesting high amounts of these pollutants, which give the water an unpleasant taste, can be harmful to your health. You should start looking for RO water to avoid such a scenario. 

8. Contaminated Water

Your tap water may contain many impurities and consuming it daily or in large amounts may infect your body and cause health issues. Additionally, chlorine and other disinfectants are used to sanitize municipal water sources, and not all of the bacteria in the water may be completely eradicated. If you're one of the many people who are allergic to chlorine, drinking tap water may cause symptoms including sneezing, and itchy eyes. Contaminated water increases your risk of getting dysentery, and other waterborne illnesses including typhoid. Particularly in young children and newborns with weakened immune systems, these infections can be fatal. Therefore installing a RO water purifier is a must in nowadays lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

About Livpure

Although there are benefits of tap water but not always the healthiest. There are numerous cons of tap water. For you to take action to safeguard yourself and your family from damage, you must be aware of these hazards. The greatest approach to reduce your chance of contracting these diseases is to consume filter water instead of tap water. Livpure water filtration can be used at home to make sure the water you drink is clean and secure. You can't exaggerate how good RO water is for you. The household now cannot function without water filters and purifiers. Check out Livpure's extensive selection of water purifiers designed to remove all contaminants and preserve a pH balance. For all of its purifiers, Livpure provides a guarantee that lasts up to a year. Find your ideal filtration system by visiting Livpure’s website. Feel free to connect to our assistant through the customer care number and get your queries solved. 

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