Reasons and Remedies for Disturbed Sleep in Lockdown

Reasons and Remedies for Disturbed Sleep in Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost all countries around the world. Several lives have succumbed to this exponentially mutating deadly virus. People are eagerly waiting for a preventive vaccination to arrive soon so that this dreadful time ceases and normalcy prevails across the globe. To control the outbreak, lockdown imposed by the government has turned many lives upside down in the past few months. The rising curve of the affected population due to coronavirus remains to be a promoter of constant agony among individuals. People have lost jobs, some are working on salary cuts, some had to move to a different city, while numerous people have lost their loved ones to the novel corona virus. Anxious human minds result in disturbed sleep and sleep deprivation. Sleep is one of the vital aspects that is liable for mental peace, physical health and effective functioning of the immune system It is also a prime booster for emotional wellness as well as mental health. Proper sleep helps you to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Thus, to stay fit and fine, a regular eight-hours peaceful sleep cycle is crucial.

Here are some common reasons disturbed sleep during a lockdown:

Financial Stress: The pandemic has brought employment uncertainty for many individuals. Several people have lost their jobs or facing deductions in their remuneration. The anxiety related to income, savings, family responsibility affects mental and physical health. Moreover, the uncertain future of this pandemic affecting the economy and jobs has left people at an ambiguity, which directly leads to disturbed sleep and disorders.

Disturbed Lifestyle Routine: Human beings are social creatures. The lockdown restrictions have forced people to stay at home, which hampers their routine in a big way. Social distancing, online education, quarantines, and working-from-home- all bring various changes to a normal lifestyle for people of all ages. Adjusting to the new schedule takes a toll on human minds. As a result, stress creeps in, thus affecting the sleep pattern. Getting stuck at home with less physical activities and less exposure to natural air and light hits the immune system and hampers the sleep cycle.

Health-Related Anxiety: The constant anxiety of getting affected by coronavirus has been at one corner of the the human mind to an extent that can give disturbed sleep or sleepless nights. Apprehensions related to health conditions of family members as well as the availability of medical facilities stresses mental health. Moreover, the rising death toll due to Covid19 pandemic puts an added pressure tothe already high stress level. Such uncertainty often brings anxiety that disrupts sleep.

Depression caused by isolation: Lockdown has compelled people to stay at home, almost isolated from the society. This isolation refrained people from interacting with each other. This in-return has added to stress and anxiety, causing depression. Moreover, people who have lost their closed ones during this pandemic remain grief-stricken. Isolation at home amplifies grief which results in causing major sleeping problems.

Home confinement: Home confinement has resulted in stress shoot-up, on the contrary to outdoor activities, which boost energy and help in releasing anxiety. Many people cancelled their vacations and avoided social gatherings, continuously staying at home, engaged with tedious household chores or working-from-home for professional commitments. It obviously may strain a person physically and mentally, leading to disturbed sleep pattern.

Prolonged Screen Time: Ever since lockdown imposition, people have willingly or forcibly engaged themselves online either for work, studies or entertainment. Thus, social distancing has adversely promoted in increased screen time. However, spending more time in front of a laptop or phone tenses the optic nerves that lead to a negative impact on sleep. The screen light stimulates the brain and affects the natural secretion of melatonin- a hormone promotes better sleep.

Tiredness Caused by Stress: The chronic stress of survival through a pandemic can lead to a lot of physical ailments such as continuous headaches, memory lapses, body pain and digestive problems. These symptoms collaboratively lead to constant fatigue, which also disturb the sleep cycle.

What are the remedies to improve your sleep pattern during a lockdown?

Exercise regularly: Like other daily routines, the lockdown has hampered the fitness activity of people. Regular exercise strengthens physical muscles, improves memory power, relaxes your mind and sets a positive vibe. It also fights against fatigue and boosts energy. As a result, it helps to get a sound sleep. Thus, it is vital to implement fitness activity during the lockdown period to get a peaceful sleep cycle and spread positivity in life.

Maintain a schedule: Lockdown has hampered daily schedule and the sleep pattern due to the reasons better known to everyone. However, for a regularized sleep cycle, it is crucial to set a schedule for daily work and rest. Maintaining a proper timetable for daily chores can help to finish tasks on time. Moreover, it also helps to get enough time to rest and sleep.

Engage in a hobby or family fun activity: Due to a busy schedule, spending proper family or ‘me’ time was hard for many individuals. Staying at home 24/7 during a lockdown has given the liberty to spend quality time with yourself as well as your family. This eases a lot of stress automatically. Indulging in a hobby is one of the best ideas which provides a feeling of contentment and calms anxious mind. Additionally, fun-filled family time helps to develop a strong bond with family members and relieves stress. A stress-free mind can get a peaceful sound sleep.

Choose the right sleep accessory: Selection of perfect sleep products is another vital aspect for a good sleep cycle. A stressed and tired soul can heal with good sleep if accompanied by a comfortable and spongy mattress, soft pillow and calm mood.

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