Read These Tips to Choose the Right Water Purifier for a Healthy Lifestyle

Read These Tips to Choose the Right Water Purifier for a Healthy Lifestyle

There are several benefits to drinking water. Drinking adequate water from water purifier is crucial for your overall physical, mental, and psychological well-being since it can help you perform better physically, increase your energy levels, and relieve common ailments like headaches, constipation, and more.

Your general health may be impacted by the type of water you consume. There are several options, ranging from flavored water to bottled mineral water to "black water" that has undergone chemical treatment.

But only clean, filtered water can improve your way of life by ensuring that you get the right amounts of minerals and vitamins.  Here is a guide to choosing the right water for you:

Know about the benefits of drinking water

Some common benefits of drinking water are:

1. The body's fluid balance is maintained by water

About 60% of your body is made up of water. These bodily fluids have a variety of purposes, such as controlling body temperature, generating saliva, transporting nutrients, and aiding in digestion.

2. You can manage your calories with water

For years, people on diets have used drinking lots of water to help them lose weight. While drinking more water instead of high-calorie beverages won't instantly make you lose weight, it can undoubtedly aid in the process.

3. Acts as a thermoregulation

In your body, water regulates body temperature. It effectively transports heat and absorbs heat, controlling and stabilizing body temperature. Sweating is produced when the internal body temperature rises as a result of extreme heat or physical activity.

4. Benefits for your skin

The fact that celebrities drink a lot of water is one of the main factors in their clear, radiant skin. Drinking water helps your body remove all the toxins from your skin much more quickly, which helps your skin tone overall.

5. Helps improve your ability to focus

Drinking water improves your capacity for concentration. Additionally, it enhances memory and focus. Also, it lessens daily fatigue and helps both children and adults avoid attention deficit disorders.

Know The Types Of Water

Choose the type of water you consume wisely to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Before you make a decision, let’s understand the different kinds of water sources first –

  • Tap water: It is water sourced from rivers or dams, treated at a water purification facility, and supplied to your homes through pipelines.
  • Mineral water: As the name suggests, it is enriched with minerals like magnesium and calcium. It mostly comes from underground water sources. The natural mineral content present in water promotes greater immunity and a better digestive system.
  • Bottled water: Packaged drinking water is treated with a filtration process, reverse osmosis, and sealed in a bottle or pouches. It is a convenient source of getting water when you are outside.
  • Spring water: This water is sourced from water springs and glaciers. It is clean, toxin-free, and infused with vital minerals.
  • Distilled water: Through the distillation process, water is converted into vapor form and then condensed back to liquid form. In this process, essential minerals get removed; hence, it is not the best option to ensure mineral intake.
  • Purified water: This water is treated with water purification systems like RO water purifier, UV water purifier, and ozonation.
  • Alkaline water: Many believe alkaline water can neutralize the body’s acid levels. Drinking too much alkaline water can affect your metabolism, cause nausea, and induce vomiting.

Know about the different types of water filters

  1. Activated carbon water purifier: Pesticides and other potentially harmful organic compounds are removed from water by activated carbon in water purifiers. Chemicals that give water a foul taste are also removed by activated carbon in water filters. Consequently, having an activated carbon water filter purifier is an excellent idea for drinking water.
  2. Gravity-based water purifiers: Gravity-based water purifiers use many filtration techniques to produce clean water. Many people in India utilize cheap gravity water filters. The primary benefits of gravity water purifiers are their low cost and ability to operate without electricity.
  3. UV purifier: By projecting powerful UV or ultraviolet rays on the bacteria in the water, UV water purifiers kill them. The UV Ultraviolet rays penetrate bacteria, viruses, and cyst cells and stop them from reproducing. Without it, these organisms can't reproduce and eventually die.
  4. UF water purifier: Ultra-Filter is referred to as UF. In comparison to RO membranes, UF membranes have larger holes. Water with dissolved salts cannot be removed by UF. The primary benefit of UF water purifiers is their ability to totally eliminate all germs from water, even the tiniest viruses, without the need for energy.
  5. RO water purifier: Among water purification membranes, RO has the tiniest pores and is capable of removing all dissolved salts from water. As a result, water that has been purified by a RO membrane does not contain any dissolved salts, making it nearly as pure as distilled water.

Here are a few tips to consider

  • Avoid drinking water directly from bodies of water including rivers, ponds, seas, and oceans. It is highly polluted with microorganisms that cause illness.
  • In the case of bottled water, it produces a large amount of environmentally harmful single-use plastic waste. Additionally, some bottled water has extra calories and sugar. Additionally, it costs more than cleaned water.
  • If the source is uncontaminated or the nearby municipality upholds a standard water purification level, tap water is entirely safe for many people. It is the most affordable, secure, and sustainable technique.
  • The best choice, however, is bottled or filtered water if tap water seems discolored, smells strange, or is deemed hazardous to consume. Both safety and taste depend on this. Installing a RO water purifier or water filter in your home is an option.
  • Mineral, alkaline, and spring water are the healthiest options in terms of nutrient content, but they can be very expensive.
  • When water's mineral concentration, such as sulfur, is too high, it may appear brown and have a distinct rotten egg odor. Companies use softening chemicals (like phosphorus) to reduce the number of minerals in hard water.
  • The acidic and alkaline properties of water are determined by its pH level. The majority of drinkable water has a pH between 6.5 and 7.5, and water with a pH of 7 is regarded as neutral.

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