Purified water in the summer is your best friend

Purified water in the summer is your best friend

Spending time outside in warm weather likely causes you to become dehydrated quickly. That is a typical reaction, and you should pay special attention to it since it indicates that more water is needed by your body to withstand the heat. Discover the causes of this, how to tell if you're dehydrated, and how to make sure you're drinking enough purified water when the temperature rises.

Water: Why It's Important

Your body has a specific range of optimal temperatures, and when you are too heated, you need to cool down. Your body can complete this cool-down in several ways. In order to enhance blood flow to the skin, blood vessels first dilate. This enables extra body heat to radiate outward.

You then start to perspire. Sweat evaporation cools the skin, which in turn aids in body-wide cooling. Dehydration, however, can result from excessive perspiration.

When it's hot outside, especially if you're working out or exercising, you sweat more. Water helps replace the fluids lost through heavy perspiration. Dehydration can occur if you don't drink enough water, and when combined with hot weather, dehydration can cause dangerous heat-related disorders.

Benefits of water purifier

Here are some advantages of drinking water from a water purifier during summer:

1. Unrestricted Supply Of Safe And Clean Drinking Water

Installing a water purifier at home assures you of pure drinking water at any time of the hour. It reduces your dependency on the township water supply for your drinking water. Thus, you can access clean water without any hindrance.

2. Elimination Of Disease-Causing Contaminants

Tap water is not a viable solution to ensure access to uncontaminated water. It is a common carrier of disease-causing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. These pathogens make water unsuitable for human consumption and cause various gastrointestinal disorders, water-borne diseases, etc. Modern water purifiers effectively remove these harmful microbiological contaminants. It safeguards you and your family from a myriad of chronic diseases and infections.

3. Removes Toxic Impurities

Water purifiers can annihilate toxic traces of various heavy metals like Lead, Zinc, Arsenic, and mercury can cause severe health ailments in long term related to the growth and development of the body, kidney, liver, and nervous system. It can even lead to serious fatal diseases like cancer, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, etc. The presence of iron in water contributes to the metallic aftertaste. The carbon filter and RO filter inside the water purifier eliminate these metals and make the water fit for consumption.

4. Removal Of Total Dissolved Solids

Water purifiers achieve the ideal TDS level by removing excess TDS by bringing them under the acceptable limit. Calcium, magnesium, chlorides, phosphates, sulfates, bicarbonates, dust, and dirt form the major constituents of TDS. In a RO system, a special membrane is used which restricts the flow of dissolved substances to provide us with purified and consumable water. High TDS-level water can be purified by water purifiers that use a combination of RO+UV/UF with a TDS Controller.

5. Addition Of Essential Minerals

Water purifiers add the necessary minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium that are healthy and make the water better in taste. These added minerals boost your immunity and improve your health. The regular intake of these minerals improves the functionality of your body while simultaneously enhancing your overall health. It strengthens the immune system improves digestion, hair, and skin quality, as well as assists in weight loss.

6. Saves Time

Water purifiers are hassle-free and save a considerable amount of time that could have been wasted in boiling water to purify it. Traditional water filters are slow but modern water purifiers are fast and require minimal maintenance. These cleaners are even fitted with an alarm to alert the users of the upcoming service.

7. More Cost-Effective

Purchasing a water purifier is more economical and convenient than buying needless and wasteful water bottles from shops every time you wish to drink purified water. Using a water purifier can increase the life of your household appliances too which would have been damaged by the chemicals present in untreated tap water.

8. Environmental Benefits

Packaged water bottles containing ‘purified water’ fill up landfills in bulk. Buying a plastic water bottle pollutes the environment and contributes to the extensive load of plastic that is encumbering the environment and the ecosystem.  A water purifier is a good one-time investment as it doesn’t contribute to the carbon emissions involved in the transportation of crates of bottled plastic bottles.

Tips to stay hydrated during summers

As water is essential for digestion and carries nutrition and energy to the cells, a drop in our body’s water levels can result in nausea, light-headedness, headache, depression, and in severe conditions a loss of consciousness.

However, it is not very difficult to overcome the problems as there is a simple solution to them, i.e. drinking more water. There are several things that you can do to keep yourself hydrated.

  • Develop a habit of drinking water at regular intervals. Our body takes 3 weeks to develop a new habit, so if you can follow a water-drinking routine for that long, you will have a healthy habit to inspire others. Nowadays, you can also download a water-drinking reminder app on your smartphone to make it easier.
  • Indirectly increase your daily water intake with watery foods. Soups and broths have high water content and can help you keep up with your daily water-drinking goals. Similarly, fruits and vegetables like oranges, watermelons, lemons, cucumbers, etc. can also be a great source of water for your body. So, you don’t have to have a water bottle to increase your body’s water intake, you can do it by switching to water-rich food as well.
  • Avoiding foods and beverages that dehydrate is also a great way to remain hydrated. Dehydration is among the top health hazards of having too much caffeine or alcohol. Similarly, eating foods that have zero water content such as Oreo cookies, will reduce your body’s water level over time. So, avoiding foods and beverages that do not contribute water to your system can help maintain and retain a healthy water level.

About Livpure

Beat the heat outside and get yourself a RO purifier to quench your thirst during the summer months. However, selecting the right water purifier may seem like a tough task in today’s times. You can make an informed choice after factors like the price of the water purifier, maintenance charges, purification technique, etc.

Livpure water purifier is the best water purifier in India. It employs a seven-step filtration technique to remove all the contaminants. Get this RO water purifier and make clean drinking water your best friend.

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