Product Guide: Five Star Hotel Like Comfort With Livpure

Product Guide: Five Star Hotel Like Comfort With Livpure

Do you always keep dreaming about taking a quick vacation to a nice luxurious hotel during the weekend? Is it hampering your work productivity throughout the week? Livpure brings you luxurious sleep products like mattresses, pillows, right to your doorstep. When you use these products, you won’t daydream about hotel beds anymore- you will just have nice dreams right on your own bed, every day of the week. 

Fit for Royalty- Regal Mattress

You can get maximum comfort with our state-of-the-art Regal mattress specially made to offer you premium support. With the cool gel foam on the top and a latex and High-density memory foam layer as well, sleep like a baby every night, and not just keep waiting for a luxurious hotel bed to sleep in. There are two types- Basic and Advanced. 

Mattress Foam type as per your comfort

The Basic version Regal mattress has 1 inch of cool gel memory foam, 1-inch latex mattress layer, and 6 inches of High resilience foam layer, while the advanced version has been made to elevate the level of comfort with 1.5 inches of cooling gel memory foam mattresses layer, 1.5 inch of latex and 5 inches of High resilience foam layer. The regal mattress is made just for the regal sleep you deserve, right in your own bedroom, every night! 

Keep cool and clean

While the basic version of the Regal has a Kooltex fabric outer cover for the protection of the mattress as well as to keep you cool, the advanced version has a Cooltouch fabric cover to one-up the game. Experience the peak of pure, deep sleep with ultimate cool-to-touch snooze innovation. Experience the fabrics being 1 degree cooler than anything else- perfect for warm Indian climates. And the cherry on top is that it keeps the mattress clean and protected for a long time. 

The Livpure advantage

Livpure’s Latex mattress is perforated perfectly to enable cooling so that the mattress does not heat up. It also resists allergens and keeps you as well as the mattress safe. The Regal Mattress is not only human-friendly, but it is also planet-friendly. Livpure provides a 10-year warranty on the mattress as well as a 100-day risk-free trial for you to choose only the mattress that suits you the best. 

Naturale: 6/8 inch ayurvedic foam mattress

Want to be environmentally conscious for the future of the planet? Go organic with the natural mattress engineered and manufactured by Livpure with all-natural materials from Kerala. Made from chemical-free memory foam, the mattress comes with sandalwood-infused latex and also a natural latex layer to keep the mattress safe from dust mites and bacteria. You don’t have to travel to a resort to feel close to nature- feel it right in your bedroom.

What are you going to sleep on? 

The 6 inch Naturale mattress has a natural memory foam mattress layer along with a natural latex mattress layer for perfect breathability. The 8-inch version has an added sandalwood-infused latex layer for the best of comfort. This mattress is made for the ultimate comfort while being one with nature. What's more, this mattress is not only extremely planet-friendly, it is also very human-friendly because it is made with natural materials and is hypoallergenic, dust repellent, and cooling. You do not have to worry about sleeping on it because it is 100% natural. 

Outer cover Comfort

Be the closest to your nature by sleeping in your bedroom with an herb-infused excel outer cover that is easily removable and washable and protects your mattress against dust, mites, and animal dander. 

Shop with Livpure

This mattress is completely crafted in India and Livpure has a patent-pending technology in production. This mattress has a 10-year warranty and 100 days risk-free trial just so that you get suited to the mattress without having worries. Just shop with us through our website, and sleep on a resort bed every night, right at your own home. 

Carbon: Charcoal infused memory foam pillow

Livpure introduces this premium, top-of-the-shelf charcoal-infused memory foam pillow for a fresh feel every morning. The activated charcoal is not only hypo-allergenic but also helps in temperature regulation to keep your skin safe. The pillow is crafted to give you perfect support for your head, neck, and shoulder. It absorbs all kinds of odors and makes you feel fresh all the time. 

Why buy Carbon? 

When you think of luxury, you don’t have to think about fancy hotel rooms or resorts anymore. Livpure brings luxury right to your bedroom when you shop online. Carbon pillow is not only skin-friendly, but it is also planet-friendly and long-lasting. It is a carefully crafted new sleep innovation to provide you quality sleep even in a polluted environment. This cool gel memory foam pillow is hypo-allergenic which keeps dust and pollution away from your bed area and purifies the air you breathe.

The pillow comes with a knitted cotton inner cover to allow ample air circulation and induce stress-free sleep.

Premium cotton fitted bedsheet

There is nothing more luxurious than Premium Cotton, and Livpure brings to you cotton fitted bed sheets. Designed to fit your mattress evenly and snugly, the bed sheet provides a comfortable sleep all night long without any disturbances. The high-quality elastic ensures that the bed sheet fits the mattress properly and stays until removed.

Why buy a fitted bedsheet?

It has an all-around elastic band to give your mattress a snug fit. When you sleep and wake up, it doesn’t get wrinkled and removed from the bed. It will stay there until removed. It is also cool and breathable. Premium cotton is one of the most luxurious fabrics you will find anywhere! 

Why Livpure? 

Livpure is not only giving you the option of custom-fit fitted bed sheets, but it also comes in exciting colors to give that extra oomph to your bedroom. It comes with a one-year warranty so that you can sleep tension-free for a long time. You will stop dreaming about the five-star hotel bed when you sleep on our bedsheets right in your own bedroom and have the best of your dreams. 


Visit Livpure Sleep's website for more products and buy at a click of a button, right from the comfort of your chair. Everything comes with exciting warranties, flash fast delivery, and all-year-round discounts- available on our website. Sleep worry-free when you buy our products- you are not only gifting yourself the best, you are also giving back to the environment with nature-friendly products. 

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