Out of Box Gifts on the Occasion of Father's Day

Out of Box Gifts on the Occasion of Father's Day

Father’s day is around the corner. It is a day to celebrate all that our fathers have given us- right from our childhood, education, work support, household support, and a shoulder to cry on- all his life. We want to help you celebrate father’s day by giving you some innovative gift ideas.

Here we have curated a list of Gifts:

OTT platform subscription

Your father might just be sitting and getting bored, especially during the lockdown. We understand that you might not be able to entertain him all the time with work and your own family commitments. You can gift him subscriptions to one or many OTT platforms out there so that he can binge on web series and all the movies he missed out on when he was working. Trust us, retired life is boring, and he would enjoy some movie time sitting on his couch and dropping the responsibilities off his shoulders. And additionally, he will be glad that his kids are taking care of him now. 

Gift him a Orthopedic mattress

It is not about age, trust us. With our new lifestyles of sitting in front of our computers all day long or hunched over our smartphones, you will get there soon too, if you are not already. After carrying responsibilities on his back all his life, your father deserves a comfortable memory foam ortho mattress. Livpure Sleep’s Ortho-X mattress is the perfect buy for the gift. It is an ortho mattress backed up by 20 years of innovation from Livpure. It has memory foam and a supportive layer of high resilience foam. It provides the perfect support the spine and other vital joints of the body needs. It is durable, sturdy, and offers the perfect plush feel. It comes with a 10-year warranty, free shipping, and 100 nights of risk-free trial. If your father does not like it and wants something else, you can return the mattress at no extra cost and get a complete refund. Check out the website for customizable sizes and attractive prices and all year round discounts! 

New pillow gift set 

Now, this would perfectly go together with your mattress purchase but could be a good standalone gift too. Remember when we talked about those tired shoulders of responsibilities? Your father would be delighted to get some comfort by the addition of a cervical pillow to his bed. A cervical pillow is ergonomically designed to give support to your neck and shoulders if you suffer from chronic pain. It is good for back and side sleepers.

Livpure’s cervical pillow- Curve, provides therapeutic support to the neck and shoulders. It is made with cool gel technology to sleep cool all night long, even in summers. It has a knitted removable and washable cover for long life. It is hypoallergenic and keeps one away from allergies and bacteria. The pillow comes with a one-year warranty so that your father can sleep well on father’s day and many more nights. 

A whole new house makeover 

Your father might have taught you a thing or two around maintaining a house. He might also have built a house for you and made it into a home you all can stay in. If buying a mattress or a pillow is just not cutting it, you need to up your creative gifting game. How about giving your old man’s house a makeover. He must have been bored of seeing the same walls and the same boring couch for many many years. It is time to give them a fresh set of interiors and some love. You can do this slowly if you are worried about the budget, but the final result will bring a lot of joy into your life.

Start with some nice color change of the wall paint. Then you can get him a new couch, a new bed, some new kitchen cabinets, etc. You can install brand new colorful curtains in his bedroom so that his sleep does not get disrupted in the early summer mornings. Install blackout curtains from Livpure- they keep the lights out! A home makeover can also be a bonding activity for you both, so, give it a thought! 

Gift Flight tickets to meet you 

Haven’t met your dad in a long time because of hectic work commitments? Why not fly him out to your city and have a fun time with him! If your work commitments are keeping you away from him, you need to find a way to spend time with your old man. Surprise him with flight tickets to your city and back, and do not leave your mother out of this as well. It will be a good vacation for them as well. 

A vacation 

Speaking about vacations, fathers deserve a vacation planned by you as well. He has taken you out on so many trips when you were kids, you can give him a vacation now. Plan a vacation with him - it will be a great bonding activity. Many vacation companies offer an elderly-friendly package so that you don’t have to worry about medical problems and logistics problems as well. Or if you are worried about that, a staycation would be a perfect deal. Many nice and spacious resorts are out there which will give your dad a relaxation time with some time to be spent with his old lady as well. 

A healthy food hamper

If you find your dad sneaking around and eating unhealthy snacks, this is the one gift for him. You can curate a hamper or get one online. A bunch of healthy snacking options and non-sugary treats come in baskets, and your father would be amazed to discover all those things. Now if you can’t stop your dad from binging on snacks, you can at least get your dad healthy snacks on father’s day. 


Though we said in the beginning that we want to help you celebrate father’s day by gifting your dad, we tell you that you should not wait for this particular day to celebrate. You should celebrate your old man every day- he deserves it. No amount of gifting can ever fulfill the amount of love and sacrifices made he has to give you in your life. But a gift which can be a good start to show your gratitude! 

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