Our mattresses will make you forget all your pains and sorrows

Our mattresses will make you forget all your pains and sorrows

With the schedule that everyone has gotten used to, back pains are a common problem and one that can have serious consequences for your health if left untreated. As we know, post covid, most companies have introduced a new working routine. This routine is “work from home” meaning the employee must work while at home and not from the office. Though this is an advantage for people who commute from faraway places, the higher-ups make it a compulsion that the work is done on time. To complete this work, most people sit for hours without taking breaks. Sitting continuously and not giving the back some rest could lead to long-term back problems. One of the reasons for these back problems can be your old mattress.

The younger generation faces similar issues. They too develop back pain problems from watching series, and movies and studying while sitting for long hours. These are the newly developed reasons for back pain.

Chronic back pain might soon become a cause for your sorrows. And it is not just your back that suffers, your neck, your shoulders, your lower back, and your spine also bear the brunt of your back pain. You might not realize it during the day while you are working, but this will hit as a night pain and make it difficult for you to sleep peacefully.

Let us look at some common reasons for back pain

While there are numerous causes of back pain, the most common ones include:

  1. Poor posture- Sitting in a slumped posture and not providing firm support for the back may lead to frequent back aches. It is hence advised to always have a cushion or a pillow while you are sitting. 
  2. Incorrect lifting techniques- Some people, in their haste of attempting extreme workouts, lift weights without proper guidance. Not just in the gym but also in day-to-day activities, incorrectly lifting a heavy object may develop back problems. 
  3. Weak core muscles- Muscles often turn stiff when our body does not do enough physical exercises. This could make the muscles in the body weak.
  4. Overuse of muscles- When you are working, it is possible to lose the track of time. Especially if your work involves more physical movements. Several body pains like back pain are experienced under such circumstances. 
  5. Lack of exercise and healthy diet- In today’s hustle culture, people have been neglecting their health. They do consume a healthy diet or do not exercise. One of the after-effects of this negligence is back pain. 
  6. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress- We often find people complain about their sleep not getting completed or their mattress making their muscles, joints, and back pain. 

Fortunately, sleeping on the right mattress can help reduce or even eliminate back pain.

How does sleeping on the correct mattress solve our back pain problems?

The correct mattress provides superior support to the body’s natural curves and helps alleviate the stress placed on sensitive areas such as your spine, neck, and shoulders. This allows the spine to stay in its natural alignment while you sleep which reduces any strain placed on it throughout the night. Additionally, a quality mattress will be firm enough to provide proper spinal support while also providing just enough cushioning to keep you comfortable.

Where to find the right mattress?

Livpure mattresses offer a wide range of mattress options that fall somewhere in between. Knowing what kind of mattress you have makes buying a mattress much easier.

  1. Foam and soft mattresses are the most common and most used mattresses these days. These mattresses are made from foam and have no coils, making them ideal for side sleepers who often experience neck and side pain. Not only side-sleepers but is suitable for people with back pain too.
  2. Among all types of foam, memory foam is the best type of mattress. Not only is it considered safe, but it helps shape the body and soothe it evenly. Memory foam mattresses take the pressure off your joints by contouring. When undisturbed and peaceful sleep is your priority, the Livpure Memory Foam Mattress is perfect for you.
  3. The Livpure Soft Mattress falls into the more comfortable and luxurious category. Sleeping on a soft Livpure mattress creates a cloud-like experience that enhances your beauty sleep. The lightweight design makes it more durable and can be easily folded on its side.
  4. The other two types of mattresses offered by Livpure mattresses are orthopedic mattresses and natural latex mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses come with an extra layer designed to support your joints. If you are a senior or even an athlete, you will find orthopedic mattresses to be highly effective and helpful.
  5. Natural latex Livpure mattresses are made from the sap of rubber trees. It is the most durable mattress because it is derived from natural elements. They are resistant to all external elements, so they last longer than all other mattresses.
  6. The most comfortable mattress is one that will allow you to get a night of better sleep for hours without discomfort. One such mattress is the Livpure Latex mattress. These mattresses are more durable than other types of mattresses. They are also more supportive and less prone to sagging over time. Latex mattresses are much more durable than other types of mattresses. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, its life span increases.

What all these mattresses have in common is the trust our customers place in us. At Livpure, we believe in earning the same trust for growth and progress.  

Why choose Livpure?

At Livpure, we specialize in creating mattresses that provide superior back support for those suffering from back pain. Your pain, be it any, should not be neglected rather should be prioritized and cured immediately. Our mattresses at an affordable price, are carefully designed with comfort and support in mind so that you can rest easy knowing that your back is getting the care it needs throughout the night. No more tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position - our mattresses make it easy for you to get a restful night's sleep without fear of waking up feeling worse than when you went to bed! If you wish to forget all your pains and sorrows that are caused by back pain, choose Livpure today!

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