Need to know: Importance of sleep

Need to know: Importance of sleep

Modern-day living comes with hectic schedules and messed up habits. We usually keep the importance of sleep on the back burner to living our lives to the fullest and hustle all day long. But is this a good thing to do? It is a very well known, but often avoided fact that sleep is very important for our body.

It is an essential function that allows your brain to recharge, leaving you alert and refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Good sleep builds immunity and keeps away diseases as well. It helps in thinking clearly, taking proper decisions, and processes your memories in a proper way. 

Benefits of sleep

There are many many benefits to sleeping. Let us see some more in detail. 

Good sleep helps maintain weight

There are many reasons why you can gain weight due to poor sleep. When you do not sleep enough, your metabolism and immunity get affected. An unhealthy sleep routine also increases binge eating, midnight snacking, and inclination towards fatty foods- to compensate for all those extra awake hours. Bad sleepers tend to eat more calorie-laden food. And after all these things, less sleep will make you more groggy and tired and you will have no motivation to exercise at all.

So you see, there are many secondary factors that will lead to weight gain, but all of it can be solved primarily with good sleeping habits. If you are having difficulties sleeping at night, there are many sleep products available in the market like chamomile tea, sleeping masks, nasal strips for heavy snorers, etc. But the best thing you can do to sleep properly is following a good routine and wind down after a rough day. 

Good sleep can improve productivity and concentration

Sleep is vital for varied aspects of the brain to operate productively. This includes your concentration, cognition, productivity, and performance. All these are gravely affected by sleep deprivation. Adults require seven to nine hours of proper sleep, and children require much more according to their age. Getting this amount of proper sleep increases problem-solving skills in adults and hence the decisions made by these adults are more informed and sensical. 

Improvement in athletic performance

Adequate sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours an evening, and athletes might gain the benefit from as long as ten hours of clean sleep. Consequently, sleep is as vital to athletes as the consumption of enough calories and nutrients. One of the explanations for this theory that we present is that the body heals throughout sleep. Alternative benefits include- better performance intensity, more energy, better coordination, faster speed, better mental functioning, etc.

Now, remember that we are not talking about non-athlete adults here. As athletes exert more all-day training and working out, they need more healing time for their bodies than normal adults. For a night of good sleep, athletes also need specialized beds with mattresses and ergonomic support from pillows and mattresses. Livpure has a wide range of mattresses to choose from, and if you are an athlete, you can find the perfect fit for you as well. Select from the huge range of mattresses, pillows, and other sleep products for the best support you can get. 

Reduction in risk of ailments

Sleep quality and duration have a major effect on many health risk factors in you. These are the factors believed to drive chronic health diseases, including heart disease. People who don’t get enough sleep are at far greater risk of heart disease or stroke than those who sleep seven to eight hours per night. Sleep restriction affects blood sugar and reduces insulin sensitivity. Even a week of sleep deprivation can increase the risk of diabetes. 

Helps control depression 

Mental disorders like clinical depression are strongly related to sleep disorders. It can also escalate to suicide, as it is also related to poor quality of sleep. Those with sleeping disorders like insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea also report significantly higher rates of depression than those without a sleeping problem. Hence, it is very important to get that perfect snooze to cure your downtime. While you can work on healthy sleeping habits and food habits to get into a routine of good sleep, Let Livpure help you with a wide range of sleep products to give you an amazing sleep, the sleep of your dreams! 

What to do to get good sleep? 

Adults who don't receive a decent quantity of sleep every night have to implement some positive manners and sleep habits so as to log the required seven to nine hours every night. Some of the things you can do are: 

  • Establish a sensible time of day to retire to bed and stick with it every night, even on the weekends. If you have to attend to something, let it not become an everyday thing to be late to bed. Give yourself fewer excuses. 
  • Maintain comfy temperature settings and low light levels in your sleeping room. Use Livpure’s mattress for your bed with a cooling gel layer to have a comfy and cool temperature for your bed. Livpure’s wide range of pillows will add the right touch to your sleeping needs. 
  • Consider a “screen ban” on televisions, computers and tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices in your sleeping room. Use a blue light restrictor screen if you are using electronic devices close to your bedtime. 
  • Abstain from coffee, alcohol, and enormous meals within the hours leading up to the sleeping time of day.
  • Try to refrain from tobacco. 
  • Exercise moderately during the day. Try to wind down closer to bedtime with meditation and yoga for Sleep. This will increase the quality of your sleep. 


Now that you know the importance of sleep in your life, you ought to follow some rules and take care of yourself. Trust us, we are only concerned for you and want the best. Try to inculcate some good sleep habits and lead a long, healthy life. 

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