Must-haves at Home for Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

Must-haves at Home for Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated across the country with enthusiasm and dedication. Many of us bring the idol of lord Ganesha home to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with family and friends. Festivals are the perfect time to spend beautiful moments with your family and friends at home. During this celebration, our homes are lit with colourful lights and decorated with lots of flowers. Most of us, start preparing and shopping for special celebrations to get our homes festive-ready. We have curated a list of items that are a must-have to bring freshness and joy to your home. 

Zen Mist Spray

Mist spray

With the fun, celebration, and guest at home, our sleep often gets hampered. However, you need sleep to help your body recharge and stay energized throughout the day to enjoy the celebrations at home. Livpure Zen Mist Spray is your go-to product when you want to relax or take a short nap. Made of all-natural extracts – Eucalyptus & Mint and Lavender extracts – Zen Mist Spray will help your mind relax and have a peaceful sleep after a very active day. Spray a little on your linen bedsheets or pillow covers to have a restful sleep. 

Zuiver - Purifying Charcoal Air Deodorizer

purifying Charcoal Air Deodorizer

During festivities at home, you want to keep the house smelling fresh and pleasant for your guests. However, indoor spaces easily get congested due to smoke, odour from food, sweat, toxic VOCs, odour from pets, etc. Place Zuiver - Purifying Charcoal Air Deodorizer at different nooks in your house to eliminate the odour and make the air smell fresh. The high-quality activated charcoal present in the charcoal bags helps to remove toxins, neutralizes foul smells, and absorbs moisture from the air. Zuiver - Purifying Charcoal Air Deodorizer can also be a great gift for your guests to take home with them. 

Blackout Curtains


Want to give your home a fresh look for the festive season? Blackout curtains in a beautiful bright colour will add cheer and pop of colour to your home. Changing the curtains in your house will immediately reflect the change and add freshness to your space. Moreover, the blackout curtains will provide much-needed privacy in a festive atmosphere at home. Also, it allows you to sleep in your bed longer after a tiring day. 

Premium Cotton Towels

cotton towel

With festivities and guests at home, you will need to have extra toiletries and towels handy. Livpure has a range of Premium Cotton towel Sets that will be a great addition to your home. These are high-quality towels made of 100% cotton and super absorbent as well. They come in a variety of colours. Choose your favourite colour and impress your guests. 

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