Mattresses industry in India

Mattresses industry in India

The recent expansion of the mattresses mattress industry in India is mostly attributable to the country's rising income levels, increased health awareness, and expanding real estate and hospitality industries. Consumers' attitudes have evolved, and their attention is now more on product utility and comfort than product quality. By implementing cutting-edge, contemporary techniques, mattress makers, including online and offline shops, preserve client happiness.

We predicted that trends in the mattress industry will change in several ways. The demand for specialized and opulent mattresses is projected to rise as mattress makers create new methods for maximizing the use of their resources and technologies. Mattresses, which are no longer regarded as purely consumer durables, determine the quality of life. The main reason why king-bed size or queen-bed size mattresses are so popular among mattresses of other sizes is comfort.

Different types of mattresses available in the market

1. Memory Foam mattress

Memory foam, as the name implies, is what gives this mattress its ability to conform to our body, react to heat and pressure, and then gently rebound when the pressure is released. It may allow people with back pain to sleep better as a result. It is advised for side sleepers and offers decent support when sleeping. Its resistance to dust mites is a bonus. It does, however, absorb a lot of heat, which can be a deal-breaker if you reside in a region with a warmer climate.

2. Gel mattresses

Memory foam and gel are combined in it. Since it addresses the one issue that everyone has with memory foam mattresses i.e., heat, it is favored over memory foam. They are a terrific option if you want to find something that will keep you cool during the night, help you recover from body mold more quickly, and offer you plenty of support while you sleep.

3. Latex Mattresses

If you’re someone who values environmental responsibility, you’ll be glad to hear that latex mattresses are constructed of natural materials i.e., latex, which is obtained from a rubber plant, Due to their comfort and durability, they also have a large consumer base. They also provide the “sinking in” sensation and are swift to recover, just like memory foam.

4. Innerspring Mattresses

They have been available in the market since the start of the 20th century, making them one of the most popular sorts. These are created from steel coils that contract when weight is applied. These steel coils support the mattress from the inside; if there were more coils, the support system would be much better and the quality of sleep would be higher. However, the creaking noises of the springs over time are the downside.

5. Hybrid Mattresses

These combines the firmness of coils, the bounce of memory foam, and the antibacterial properties of latex. Although it is expensive, this is an excellent option because it provides the most comfort and will last you a long time.

6. Air Mattresses

You will need to use the air pump to inflate these mattresses, they frequently come with a layer of foam that provides excellent comfort. The only mattress that allows you to choose the hardness level by actually pumping it in your hand is this one. For those with back issues, this may be useful. It remains cool and is unbelievably portable.

7. Orthopedic Mattresses

The best way to treat back issues is with orthopedic mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses, as their name implies, were created to cure back pain and other spinal problems. It is made to provide a supportive sleeping surface. This mattress relieves joint discomfort while supporting the back. You won’t toss and turn all night because of its extraordinary firmness and excellent weight distribution.

About Livpure

There are several good mattress brands available in the market today but Livpure tops the list. Livpure provides five different types of state-of-the-art mattresses for the utmost comfort and deep slumber.

1. The Lumbar

It is an HR foam mattress with 3D sleep-tech technology that has three built-in sleep zones and is available in different sizes. It is Livpure's most affordable mattress with differentiated support and VOC-neutralizing technology.

They have only one layer, which is 4 inches thick. With its HR support foam, it provides customized comfort and balanced support. Aeroscope technology embedded in it helps with enhanced breathability of the mattress for a night of better and more relaxed sleep.

2. The Duos

It is an EGAPA fresh-tech, filter-fitted, reversible foam mattress. This reversible mattress also comes with differentiated support and VOC-maintaining technology with it.

Duos have a firm built on one side and a medium firm built on the other. It comes with a cooling cover, and the foam is breathable. It is 5 inches thick and has two layers with embedded HR Support Foam.

3. The Ortho CurvX

Known as Livpures’ most ergonomic mattress, it comes with a curved foam and enhances body recovery while sleeping. It is made up of HR+ memory foam along with curved orthopedic foam. They have a medium firm build.

It is the best mattress for back pain. Made of 5D sleep tech technology, it helps with deep muscle relaxation and recovery and has natural biocrystals for mental and physical stress relief.

4. The Regal

One of Livpure’s best creations is the regal mattress. It is also their best-selling mattress with improved spring-like bounce and enhanced support.

It comprises latex and ortho HR foam and is Livpure’s best orthopedic mattress. With a medium firm build, it is 8 inches thick and has three wholesome layers. The LuxeX technology provides a nice bouncy surface similar to a spring mattress.

5. The Jeeva

A natural mattress and a latex mattress – get both in the Jeeva mattress. It is Livpures’s certified mattress that is entirely natural and promises to deliver comfort and stress relief. Jeeva is available in both 6 and 8-inch thicknesses and has three layers. It is completely natural and has a plant oil base foam, which makes it chemical-free, antimicrobial, and anti-allergenic. It is also infused with a citrus fragrance, which helps in mood improvement and anxiety relief.

Sleep is an essential factor in our daily lives, and we must pay attention to it. Buying a proper bed mattress that your body needs might seem like an investment that can wait, but investing in the right mattress is the best service you can provide your body.

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