Make your life as cozy as possible

Make your life as cozy as possible

Making our life cozy is a bunch of different things- your likes, dislikes, health, home, family, friends, etc. With the lockdown and isolation times. Being cozy is all about how our home is and feels. The biggest compliment you can receive is that your home feels cozy. It means that your guests feel cozy in your home too, and not only you. Of course, it should be the most important thing for you and your family- your closest people come first. You can make your home feel cozy without creating a hole in your pocket. You just need a few household items, a comfortable work from home atmosphere, and fresh comfortable beddings for your bedroom. 

For your office at home setting

Perfect pillow for neck pain

You might not have noticed the need for a good pillow, especially when you are tired of hunching over your laptop and smartphone all day long. Let’s find out why we need a pillow for neck pain. 

Optimum neck support

When you study how our bodies are made and the way the spinal structure works, our bodies are nothing but amazing. You know how it is vital to keep our spine healthy and maintain flexibility in our vertebrae and disks to forestall neck pain and back pain. One way to keep your neck properly aligned is to use a cervical pillow. A good cervical pillow can facilitate you to maintain the conventional cervical curve while sleeping on your back, allowing your muscles and ligaments to relax and regain their normal length. This specialized pillow can even aid side sleepers by preventing unnatural bending of the neck. It provides support where your traditional pillow won't. Your pillow should support the rear of your neck and also the head.

Postural benefits

A major benefit of sleeping with a cervical pillow is that it helps improve your posture while you sleep. It’ll also improve your sleep by relieving and supporting tense muscles in your neck and shoulders, increasing blood flow to your head.

It's important to buy the correct size when purchasing a cervical pillow. It should bend and simply move to accommodate your head and neck. Memory foam pillows offer great pliability yet as fiber mixtures. You may find many choices, making it easy to seek out one to satisfy your preferences. Try different sizes to search out the proper one that will not tilt your head back or lift it too high. Trial and error are also necessary. Note, you ought to never feel any discomfort. If it doesn't feel right, try a distinct size or density. Maintaining your body's natural alignment and positioning is essential to keeping neck and back pain-free. If you wake up with neck pain or soreness, you would possibly get satisfaction from sleeping with a cervical pillow. Livpure’s cervical pillow is the perfect one for you! It is not only the perfect size, it is scientifically made to provide you the best comfort for your neck. 

Try the back support pillow

Give your back the much-deserved support with this ergonomically designed Spyne pillow from Livpure- it is made to contour and support your back when you sit and work, a perfect work from a home buddy which makes you feel cozy and yet, productive. This cool-gel-infused memory foam pillow is crafted to offer you maximum lumbar support and alignment for your back. Attach this back cushion to your chair and reduce the stress on your back and waist while sitting for long periods at work or long drives. It is also available in two sizes to offer you only what fits your body the best. 

For your bedroom

Keep the lights out 

Blackout curtains can block out a significant part of the sunshine that enters a space. You will still have a soft and soothing light streaming into space through the curtain which may be very relaxing and cozy. Hence, if you are working an evening shift and want to sleep during the day, these curtains are the right solution to block the light and darken the space significantly. Also, if you have got a separate television room with an entire theatre set-up, installing blackout curtains can emulate the atmosphere of a theatre. It just makes the entire house feel comfortable. Livpure’s Blackout curtains block above 95% of the light so that you can have that good cozy sleep. 

Plush mattress

A good bed is an important part of good sleep, maybe the most important one. Therefore, you should invest in a good quality mattress first. Livpure has many options for the mattress which suits your need the best and provides you with ultimate luxury without pinching your pocket too hard. Choose from ultra-plush memory foam mattresses, reversible foam mattresses for pocket-friendly luxury, Regal mattresses for the feel of latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses in one, etc.  However, if you have already had a mattress in your house that you love and has not faced much wear and tear, and don’t want to get rid of it, then flip it and fluff it. This simple trick makes your mattress feel like new and enhances the lifespan of your bed too. Make sure to keep your old mattress vacuumed and cleaned as well. 

Still don’t feel like the marshmallow-like softness? Ask your mattress provider for an extra thick layer of memory foam or buy one extra thick memory foam mattress that provides the softness as well as the back support you need. 

Use good bedsheets

We know you must’ve never bothered about thread count on your bedsheets. But good cozy homes need extra attention to their bedsheets and pillow covers. The secret is using a quality Egyptian cotton, 300-thread-count bedsheet that feels fresh, luxurious, and soft. Thread count is a measure of how many threads are woven into one square inch of a piece of fabric. In the Indian market, though, it’s a relatively new term. But you will find it on Livpure’s website in many soft colors and at great prices! 

One sheet won’t do the trick though to make it as luxurious. In luxury hotel rooms, if you’ve noticed closely, there are two closely fitted sheets that are tucked in tightly whereas one flat sheet is placed over it for a feathery and soft feel. Use one fitted sheet vertically and another one horizontally to get the right bounce and luxury on your bed. 

Pillows and cushions

You might have noticed luxury homes with many fluffy pillows and cushions on one bed in your favorite magazine. While decorative cushions can be removed while sleeping, it still gives that extra plush feels to the whole setting. Get pillows that are supportive for your neck and back. Use memory foam or cool gel pillows as your bedroom addition from Livpure. 

Make sure your pillows are cleaned and dried often as these are the places bacterias grow most rapidly. Get it professionally cleaned or do it yourself at home, also show it some Sun from time to time. Fit it with Egyptian cotton covers to match your bedsheet as well. 


Making your life cozy is always not only about making your home cozy, even though these times of lockdown and isolation have made it so. Self-care and a good and healthy lifestyle also play a key role. Going out for a run (during empty times, with a mask of course), getting a milkshake, taking a warm bath, etc. also makes you feel cozy. Do whatever puts you in the comfortable zone. 

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