Looking for Air Conditioners Online? Here Are The Best Picks

Looking for Air Conditioners Online? Here Are The Best Picks

In India, where temperatures are rising, air conditioners (AC) are now more or less expected in every home. Nevertheless, picking the incorrect air conditioner for your home might lead to either high power costs or regret over purchasing an AC that isn't very effective at chilling your space. Before you go out and get one, it's crucial to have the appropriate knowledge so that you can choose the best air conditioner at an affordable price. This buying guide aims to assist you in determining the aspects you should consider when choosing an air conditioner to beat the summer heat.

Which kind of AC should you purchase?

The two most prevalent types of ACs for home use are window and split units. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both of these types of air conditioners due to their sizes and builds.

The most popular single-room air conditioners are those that have windows. The entire air conditioning system is housed in a single box unit. Window ACs are far more convenient to install than split ACs. They are typically mounted on a window sill or an opening in the wall. They are the ideal choice for small spaces and are reasonable according to the typical AC price in India.

Split air conditioners feature two units, as the name might imply. The indoor unit is put within the house, while the outdoor unit is installed outside. Split air conditioners make far less noise than window air conditioners since the compressor is located in the external unit. They can be put in a room without windows, which window ACs cannot. Split ACs offer a wider variety of designs that can complement the rest of your room for a beautiful appearance. However, split air conditioner prices may be a little more than window air conditioners. The best part is that now you can buy split air conditioners online. 

How do you determine the ideal capacity for your room?

Once you've decided on the type of air conditioner, you need to ascertain its capacity. Tons are used to gauge an air conditioner's capability. Split and window air conditioners come in a range of capacities, from 1 to 2 tonnes. The term "tonnage" refers to the rate at which an air conditioner can cool a room, not to its weight. Simply put, a bigger space necessitates a higher tonnage air conditioner.

The price of the air conditioner may vary depending on its features and energy efficiency in addition to having a greater tonnage rating.

While the size of the space is the most crucial component to take into account when calculating the tonnage, there are a few other aspects that also require consideration. For instance, it's important to examine the size of the windows and the amount of sunshine that enters the space. It's crucial, especially in the summer when sunshine may significantly raise a room's temperature. The number of lights you employ in the space also has an impact. The temperature can be markedly raised by more electronic devices operating in space.

How can you choose the energy-efficient AC for your needs?

The cost of operation is one of the main deterrents for some people from purchasing an air conditioner. Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) was originally used to indicate an air conditioner's efficiency, but because temperatures in India change depending on the season, a new standard called ISEER has been adopted (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio). You can quickly recognize energy-efficient air conditioners thanks to ISEER ratings, which are typically represented as star ratings. The efficiency of the air conditioner increases with higher star ratings. 

The warranty is one of the most crucial features to consider when purchasing an air conditioner. Most manufacturers offer a one- to two-year minimum warranty. Some producers also offer an extended guarantee on important parts like the compressor. Typically, the warranty period for these parts is substantially longer than the AC's full warranty period. Proper maintenance ought to make your air conditioner function more effectively, using less electricity overall. You will pay less for electricity as a result.

About Livpure Air Conditioners

A 5 star air conditioner, Livpure's 1.5T Smart Inverter AC uses less energy. It protects the environment. It cools more consistently and effectively. Additionally, it makes less noise, giving you a peaceful area in which to work or unwind. Get the air conditioner with three different clever modes for a customized level of comfort. For your split AC, Livpure technology offers three smart modes: HEKA mode for optimal comfort and energy usage, Magic Mode for ultimate comfort, and Green Mode for maximum energy conservation. The smartest and most effective item you can purchase for cooling your rooms in the summer is this 1.5 tonne split AC with a 5-star rating from Livpure.

The 1.6T Livpure Smart Inverter AC includes an EGAPA Filter composed of activated carbon with Livfresh Technology, which filters out impurities and provides clean and fresh air. The used filter eliminates smoke, pollen, and dust that are prevalent in the environment. In addition to eliminating odours, it also eliminates hazardous fungi and harmful bacteria. Its EGAPA filter has a longer lifespan than other filters and requires very little maintenance. The low-maintenance EGAPA filter functions as an air purifier to keep the polluting air outside of your house at bay. No tiny, impure particles reach your home through the air conditioner, thanks to the PM 2.5 filter. The EGAPA filters toxic gases that are bad for your health and gets rid of 99% of odours and volatile organic compounds in addition to 98% of dangerous pollutants.

The 1.2 T Livpure Smart Ready AC includes an EGAPA Filter with Livfresh Technology that removes impurities from the air and provides the purest air possible. The filter eliminates smoke, pollen, and dust that are prevalent in the environment. In addition to eliminating odours, it also eliminates bacteria and fungi that may pose a risk to your health. This model comes with an EGAPA filter that runs for a longer period than other filters and requires very little maintenance.

We believe that now is the ideal time to go out and purchase an air conditioner because summer is just around the corner. Livpure AC is best for home. You can go to our website and check our range of Air conditioners at an affordable price. We'll be more than delighted to assist you in selecting the ideal model. An air conditioner may now be ordered quickly online, and we'll deliver and set it up for you.

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