Livpure Sleep’s Blackout Curtains for a Better Sleep

Livpure Sleep’s Blackout Curtains for a Better Sleep

Summer means earlier sunrise and harsh sunlight sneaking into your bedroom even before your alarm sets off. Even when its not summer, there's always some light or noise emitted from somewhere in the neighbourhood that can creep in and annoy the heaviest of sleepers. Livpure Sleep has launched blackout curtains just to save you from these problems during the upcoming summer season. What exactly are you going to get out of blackout curtains? 

Blocks out light

Blackout curtains can block out most of the light before it enters your room. The backside is formed of multiple layers of tightly woven, heavy fabric which is totally opaque. If you wish, you can have a soft and soothing light streaming in through the curtain by going for lighter colours of blackout curtains. This is the perfect solution for those who are working an evening shift and want to sleep during the day. These curtains are also great additions for a television room as they can emulate the atmosphere of a theatre.

Proper insulation and energy-efficient

At least one-third of energy wastage happens during conversion and generation of warmth through the windows. This successively results in additional energy consumption through the heating and cooling system of your house. The blackout curtains can control the insulation of the house and thus moderate thermal loss. Many manufacturers, just like Livpure, claim that it can reduce thermal loss up to 25%, which may significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Reduce pollution

Blackout curtains can block street noise significantly thanks to the thick fabric and extra back lining that acts as a noise insulator. You will be able to have a sound sleep once you don't seem to be disturbed by external noises in the least.

Versatile design

This form of curtains can keep your home cool during the summers by blocking the daylight and regulating heat. Alternately, during the winter months, blackout curtains retain the heat inside and keep the cold out. Hence you can use them throughout the year. The eyelet curtain design also helps in blocking the whole window without leaving any gaps. 

Good investment

These blackout curtains are durable and effectively protect your privacy while balancing the house’s insulation. These days, you will be able to buy blackout curtains online easily, just like from Livpure’s website. Though they are costlier than regular curtains, they are definitely worth the money. Investing in a good set of blackout curtains for the bedroom and other rooms is going to be worth it. 

Protection from UV rays

Livpure curtains are made using Triple Weave Technology with all three layers of fabric interwoven to ensure protection from the UV rays and insulate your home against heat and cold for better energy efficiency.

Flexibility and Customizable

Curtains are said to be the most flexible window coverings due to the wide choice that they provide. You can make a choice from an intensive range of colors, fabrics, patterns, etc. to match different rooms. You can even have layered curtains, with one being thick and also the other being sheer or semi-sheer. They add immense class and color to an area. They are also highly customizable. You will be able to get the exact size and shape depending upon the requirement. Also, they can be used for each and every window, unlike other window coverings that can't be installed anywhere and everywhere. Blackout curtains can boast of the same flexibility with many colors and sizes available. It can also be layered with sheer curtains just when you choose to let in more light. 

Livpure’s Blackout Curtains

Livpure’s Blackout Curtains are an ideal addition to your bedroom for a calmer and worry-free sleep. The blackout curtains will block more than 99% of the light coming into your room ( depending on the color of the curtain you choose), creating a perfect sleeping environment. They are designed to uplift the look and feel of your home as well as add a layer of protection from the UV rays. The darker colors have obviously more light blocking capabilities than the lighter colored ones. 

It is manufactured using the ideal 240 GSM fabric. With this exemplary thickness you and your house can be protected from heat as well as cold, maintaining an ideal temperature for sleep. Stitched using the seven needles per inch technique, it increases the life of the curtain and puts off wear and tear, making it extremely durable. The room darkening curtains create an energy-saving barrier by balancing the room temperature in all kinds of weather. 

Livpure’s assurance

Rest assured, you will have complete privacy from the outside world to enjoy intimate moments with your loved ones. The blackout curtains help in noise reduction and keep you undisturbed by the sounds on the street and neighbors. The dark colors of the curtains help in giving you the best blackout effects. These thick curtains are easy to maintain and come with high-quality stainless steel eyelet rings that are big enough to fit most rods and easy installation- the best eyelet curtain design you can get. The curtains are really easy to wash as well. The color of the curtains does not fade away or bleed even after multiple washes, making it a perfect fit for your rooms. These are the best blackout curtains online you can get. 

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