Livpure Sleep Comforter- Your Cozy Partner

Livpure Sleep Comforter- Your Cozy Partner

During winters, most of us use a room heater to keep ourselves warm. Tropical areas do not even need heaters. But whatever the situation is, in the night when our body temperatures dip and you are asleep, you always stretch out to find a cover-up for yourself. Livpure’s Reversible Comforter is the perfect partner for these nights. It is suitable for temperatures anywhere around 12 to 25 degrees, perfect for a cool night or an AC-cooled summer night. Let us look at some features of the Reversible Comforter

Soft and comfortable: With 200GSM microfiber filling, the comforter is soft, comfortable, and cuddly. The microfiber filling keeps the comforter fluffy and has a good life. The filling and the material also keep the comforter intact even after washing. The microfiber filling and the texture give a luxurious and rich feel to your skin, along with keeping you optimally warm. 

Hypoallergenic: The microfiber filling and the cover material are completely hypoallergenic. It is anti-bacterial and keeps you away from allergens. The comforter prevents germs, microbes, and bacteria from entering your sleeping space. It does not house any unwanted microbes, germs, or even dust- keeping you healthy.

Lightweight: The microfiber filling and the cover material makes the comforter extremely lightweight and easily portable. When you sleep underneath it, you won’t even feel the weight of it. The comforter’s weight is suitable for everybody- just snuggle into it and snooze away. 

Box-stitched: The box stitching ensures that the microfiber filling is evenly distributed. When washed or used for a prolonged time, it does not disintegrate or move to one side, making the comforter long-lasting. 

It is even summer-friendly!: This comforter can be used in any weather, you can even use it during the summers. It is the perfect comforter for air conditioned-rooms during summer nights to keep you warm enough. This comforter just offers the optimum temperature for a good night’s sleep. 

No Artificial Chemicals: It is chemical-free and hypoallergenic and keeps you allergy-free all the time, in any season. It is absolutely skin-friendly. In fact, it feels so comfortable against your skin that you would always want to cozy up into it.

1-year Warranty: With minimum but proper care, the comforter will last you a long time. Just to ensure that this investment of yours is long-lasting, we give a 1-year warranty on the product. But the warranty is just for goodwill between us, invest in this comforter and snuggle into it for years and through seasons. 

Exciting colors: Livpure Reversible comforters are available in many exciting colors to amplify the vibe of your room. Get it in sober, earthy, and funky colors, and the best part of it all, it is reversible, ie, you get two colors from one comforter. Use it as an accessory on your bed for when you are not snuggling into it. 

You get free doorstep delivery all across India as well as cash on delivery options. All our products are planet friendly as well so that you do not have to worry about adding to the carbon footprint. Explore the several EMI options from Sezzle and different banks’ debit and credit cards for easy buying. We also have running discounts all around the year, as well as special festive discounts, bundle offers, and corporate discounts. Visit our website to know more about the running offers, buying options and our other products. 

Invest in Livpure’s Comforter without any tension and sleep well every night, wake up fresh ready to conquer the day. 

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