Livpure launches Back Support Cushion

Livpure launches Back Support Cushion

Did you ever notice that your back starts to hurt after some time through long drives? Do you take painkillers before you get on a flight to ward off the back pain you already know will begin a bit way into the trip? Do you end up twisting your back and trying to stretch out knots at the top of a busy workday? If any of this sounds familiar, you will like a back support pillow. Read on to be told more about these back support cushion and what benefits they will bring to you. 

Dangers of Back Pain

Before we dive into the advantages back support cushion can bring, let’s talk a tad about the main culprit of it all- back pain. Most folks will suffer from some back pain at various points in their lives. But when back pain becomes chronic, it can begin to possess a large impact on your life. When your back hurts all the time, you'll begin to withdraw from your normal daily activities. it will most definitely become hard for you to try to do basic household chores, spend time along with your family, or perhaps head to work. Over time, you will become liable to anxiety or depression as you withdraw further and farther from life. You will even lose motivation to workout due to irritating pain all the time. All of this will lead to a static lifestyle. 

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can have a variety of causes, starting from stress to injury or chronic conditions. A desk chair that doesn’t suit you or an excessive amount of time bent over a phone can cause your back to hurt. A bed that doesn’t suit you or the ergonomically incorrect pillow may also cause strain on your back. Due to work from home, we have been sitting on our ergonomically incorrect chairs or even beds and been working all day long. This is one of the major causes of back and shoulder pain nowadays. 

Impact of Poor Posture

Poor posture is one of the more common causes of back pain. If your spine is curved into a hunch all the time, it can begin to place strain on your ligaments and on your spine itself. Over time, which will cause your back to start aching – but that isn’t all poor posture can do.

Over time, bad posture can pull your spine out of alignment, which puts more stress on your hips and knees. It can impact your circulation and cause tingling and numbness in your limbs. Poor posture can even leave you more fatigued as your body attempts to catch up on weight being carried in ways it wasn’t meant to be.

What Is a back support cushion?

A back support cushion is a pillow designed to take a seat between your lower back and your seat. It's mostly D-shaped, with the flat part designed to take a seat against the chair and therefore the rounded side resting within the natural curve of your lower back. These pillows are made from memory foam most of the time. As the name suggests, these pillows are designed to produce support to your lumbar, or lower back, region. They assist to support the muscles there and realign the spine. 

What are the Benefits of Back Support Pillow? 

Relax Your Muscles

Most folks might not realize what quantity of tension we’re carrying in our muscles regularly. If you ever want to determine just what proportion of tension you’re carrying in your lower back, try lying down on the ground on your back for some minutes. A backrest pillow may be an excellent way to relieve a number of that tension every day when you use it. When you place a pillow behind your back, it helps to support a lot of your weight. This takes the strain off of a number of your muscles, allowing them to relax. Over time, this may help to release knots that have built up and will actually improve your posture, as you do not need to make amends for those painful muscles anymore. 

Support Your Spine

Your spine carries much of your weight and is answerable for keeping you upright and moving throughout on a daily basis. But the way of life can put plenty of strain on your spine. It’s important to require care of it and supply it with customized support. Backrest pillows are tremendously flexible, which helps to supply your spine with support without pushing it out of shape. Memory foam back support cushion is even better for this purpose. 

Relieve Pain

Do you ever notice your back setting out to ache within the middle of the workday? Next time that happens, rather than reaching for the pain killer, try buying a back support pillow instead. These pillows are often excellent thanks to instantly relieve some styles of back pain. It is a good investment for a long time companion. 

Improve Your Posture

By this time, you will have worked out that back support pillows can help improve your posture while you’re sitting at your desk or driving your car. But did you recognize that these pillows can provide many longer-term benefits? Regularly employing a lumbar support pillow can actually help to boost your posture even after you aren’t sitting.

What is Livpure’s back support pillow bringing for you? 

The best in market backrest pillow you can get, Spyne from Livpure gives your back the much-deserved support with this ergonomically designed pillow. This cool-gel infused memory foam pillow is crafted to offer you maximum lumbar support and alignment for your back. Attach this pillow to your chair and reduce the stress on your back and waist while sitting for long periods at work in front of your computer or during long drives. The cool gel infusion keeps it cool even during warmer days. It comes in two sizes for your choice and is easy to travel with as well. It is back relief that comes to your doorstep in a bag! It is a planet and human-friendly option which comes with a one-year warranty and is delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle. 


As this work from home is getting excruciating and fatiguing day by day. Make it more comfortable by investing in a back support pillow. This will not only make your everyday work more comfortable and alleviate your backache, but it will also give you long-term benefits in the form of good spinal alignment, posture improvement, and no chronic back problems.

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