Livpure brings you Monsoon Sale

Livpure brings you Monsoon Sale

Monsoons are just around the corner and all you can think about is taking a day off from work and snuggling up in your bed with hot tea, snacks, and some Netflix to chill. For all this, the first thing you need is a comfortable bed and bedding so that you can feel plush and don’t have to worry about anything other than yourself. Livpure Sleep brings to you its pre monsoon sale- it offers attractive discounts for every product you buy from the website. Now, you don’t have to discount your comfort. Just order from Livpure and let us worry about your sleep. 

It’s raining discounts in Monsoon Sale

Livpure brings to you pre-monsoon sales with unbelievable discounts. Buy one product at 10% off, buy 3 products at 15% discount, buy 4 products at 20% discount and buy 5 at 25% off. When you buy more, you save more! What all you can buy? Well, explore our range of products on the website- mattresses that suit every sleepers’ needs, Different kinds of pillows, mattress protectors, curtains, Egyptian cotton bed sheets for allergy-free and sweat-free luxurious nights, bath towel sets, comforters, etc. Everything is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and types so that you can find the one you need and to your suitability. All Livpure products come with an extended warranty- mattresses for upto 10 years and other products for upto a year. Enjoy Cash on delivery, free shipping, easy returns, and many no-cost EMI offers on buying Livpure’s amazing products! 

Sleep better with Blackout Curtains

Nowadays, the sun comes up early and mornings are usually hot. It gets difficult to have a complete and peaceful sleep. Enjoy an undisturbed sleep with Livpure’s Blackout Curtains that blocks 99% sunlight from entering your bedroom and gives you complete privacy from outsiders. 

Not only it blocks light from entering your room, but it also blocks heat and noise upto some amount, giving you an all-around peaceful environment while you sleep. With Livpure’s blackout curtains, you do not have to discount your slumber, just enjoy the discount on your spendings. 

Stay cozy with an All-Weather comforter

Rains mean that you would want to snuggle up in your bed with some tea, snacks, and movies. Your best friend during your snuggly days could be a reversible, All-Weather comforter from Livpure, which is made to keep you cozy in any weather. Be it winters, summer in your air-conditioned room, rainy season snuggle, or autumn, the all-weather comforter is made for all seasons. It is made with ideal 200 GSM microfiber fillings, the comforter provides a sound sleep in winters as well as in summers, capable of handling 12 degrees celsius to 25 degrees celsius comfortably. It is super soft to touch, lightweight, made with hypoallergenic materials with no additional toxic components, and comes with a year of warranty. Enjoy the luxurious cozy comforter today and buy it during this pre-monsoon sale at attractive discounts. 

Work from home comfort

Yes we know, work from home days are still on, and we are just settling into the comforts of staying at home. But we also see that our work hours have become so long, and our back hurts all the time. Make it more comfortable by investing in a back support pillow. This will not only make your everyday work more comfortable and alleviate your backache, but it will also give you long-term benefits in the form of good spinal alignment, posture improvement, and no chronic back problems.

The best-in-market backrest pillow you can get, Spyne from Livpure gives your back the much-deserved support with this ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow. This cool-gel-infused memory foam pillow is crafted to offer you maximum back support and spinal alignment for your back. One more reason to buy it right now and get healthy and fit for the summertime. 

Bundle offers in Monsoon Sale

This monsoon, say goodbye to all your back, shoulder, joints, and neck pains with exciting combo offers, which give a discount of up to 20% on uniquely made combos. Our ortho X 6-inch memory foam mattress is the best mattress for providing spinal and joint support and helps with postural issues. It also comes with a cool gel memory layer for a cool feel in warm climatic conditions- just perfect for any season.

It also comes with a removable and washable outer cover for the mattress to keep dust mites, bugs, and allergens at bay. Now a mattress is not sufficient to solve all your back problems, you also need a pillow to go with it. Livpure’s cool gel memory foam pillow comes with a cooling gel to aid you to sleep cool as a cucumber. It supports your neck in a beautiful way for a great sleep. Get up to 20% off on this bundle and what more, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. 

Buy More, Save More

In bundle offers, we give you a range of options for great savings. Livpure also has combos comprising microfiber pillows with hypoallergenic filling and a night of undisturbed sleep. Check out our hybrid mattresses with memory foam and latex layers for unconditional body support. As monsoons are almost here, you would like to invest in our Naturale mattress. It is made with naturally derived components and is perfect for the folks who are prone to allergies in this season. Bundle offers will not only give you great savings but also lessen the hassle of going through our huge range of different sleep accessories to select the perfect one. It is all you need with just one click. 


Enjoy the monsoon nostalgia right from home with Livpure’s pre-monsoon sale with discounts raining on you. Do not wait for anything else. If you think this is the time to change your mattress or buy some new home and bedding materials, use the discount and bundle offers. With the no-cost EMI options additionally, you do not have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket, as you can just reap the benefits now and pay as you are comfortable. Livpure worries about your good sleep so that you get your slumber every night! 

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