Livpure Brings Year End Offers for a Comfy Sleep

Livpure Brings Year End Offers for a Comfy Sleep

This New Year, are you looking to gift a dear one or yourself something to make them sleep better and more luxurious? No need to look further than Livpure Sleep, where our wide range of top range sleep and bath products are sure to give you the sleep you have been dreaming about. And like the gift that keeps on giving, we are also offering a wide range of discounts for our returning customers.

Your New year gift from us -  Flat 21% off 

Have you been waiting to upgrade your bedroom all year long? This is the right time to do so. Your New Year gift from Livpure Sleep is FLAT 21% off on our wide range of products. Not looking forward to buying many things this New Year and running on a good budget? You do not have to compromise on your sleep. Come to Livpure’s website and find an exciting year end offers. This New Year, allow us to give you a decent sleep. 

Thinking about the way to spend on your sleeping needs? How about getting those Egyptian cotton bed sheets that give the luxurious feel you have been dreaming about? Or the all-weather comforter which is able to keep you warm through the upcoming weather? Not convinced yet? Wait, we've got more. Bamboo fiber towels are one of the best things you can buy and we are going to tell you why- Bamboo towels are manufactured from anti-bacterial, natural, eco-friendly material that provides a soft and opulent feel when used on your body. The soft feel on your body after your pre-sleep shower and care routine- what more you would like for an evening of excellent sleep? We've everything you would like for a blissful snooze. Load your virtual shopping carts to get exciting discounts, and eventually, you may realize you're making money on your spending on our products!

Year end offers on bundles

Say goodbye to any or all your back and neck problems with exciting combo offers, which provides a massive discount of up to 30% in several categories. Our ortho X 6-inch memory foam mattress is the best mattress for supporting your back and helping with postural issues. It also comes with a cool gel memory layer for a cool feel in a warm climate. It also comes with a removable and washable outer mattress cover to keep the mattress to stay dust and allergies free. Now a mattress isn't sufficient to resolve all of your back problems, we also need a pillow to travel with it.

Livpure’s Cervical pillow comes with a cooling gel to help warm weather conditions. It supports your neck in a very beautiful way for excellent sleep. This magical combo is tailor-made for those of you with back problems that take away a peaceful sleep. Get upto 30% off on this bundle and what more, it’s a present that keeps on giving. It comes with an extended warranty and a flash fast delivery for you to celebrate all of your festivities of New year together with a decent night’s sleep.

In bundle offers, we provide you with a variety of options for excellent savings. We even have combos comprising microfiber pillows with hypoallergenic filling and an evening of undisturbed sleep. take a look at our hybrid mattresses with memory foam and latex layer for unconditional body support. As winters are here already, our combo offers even have an all-weather anti-allergic comforter in beautiful colors to match your bedroom aesthetics. Year end offers on bundles won't only offer you great savings but also lessen the trouble of going through and wasting your time on our huge range of various sleep accessories to pick out the right one. You will get all your wishes at one stop. 

Work from home supplies

Tired of working from home and the stress is taking a toll on your body? Explore our new range of pillows for the perfect work from home comfort. Our Neck support pillow, which was originally meant for traveling, can also be used at home while sitting and working for long hours. It provides superior neck support and helps to lessen the fatigue caused to your neck and shoulders from sitting in front of the computers for long hours. Now that your neck is taken care of, what about your back? 

Our back support pillow- Spyne, comes in two sizes for perfect back support when you are sitting on your chair. Give your back the much-deserved support with our ergonomically designed Spyne pillow. The cool-gel infused memory foam pillow is crafted to offer you maximum back support and proper alignment for your back. Attach this pillow to your chair and reduce the stress on your back and waist while sitting for long periods in front of your computer or even long drives.

Referral and corporate partnerships

Know a friend who needs a new mattress, pillow, or other sleep or work from home essentials? Refer Livpure Sleep to them. With every referral, you get a Rs. 500 coupon and your friend gets a flat 20% off coupon on the first buy. We know you love our products and have been coming back to us for more, then why not refer us to a friend who can also get to enjoy a good back and neck and comfortable sleep as well! 

Many companies are our corporate partners and provide their employees discounts on our products. Visit our website’s discount section to check whether you are eligible. Get up to 35% off on Livpure’s product if you work for any of our corporate partners. Not sure about what you should buy with your corporate discounts? Go through our website to find exciting products.

The final countdown

2020 is coming to an end, and our discounts are also winding up soon. So, hurry up and grab our latest year end offers as soon as you can so that you can start the new year with new things and new beginnings. Join us in our new year celebration by enjoying our discounts and bundle offers and remove the stress of the uncertainty this year has brought us. Hope the new year brings you joy, stress-free work, and comfortable sleep.

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