July Monsoon Sale is live on Livpure Sleep

July Monsoon Sale is live on Livpure Sleep

The rainy season calls for some lazy days and nostalgic feelings. But sometimes, it can also affect our work efficiency and make our mood go all over the place. It is very necessary to set up your home for the rainy season so that it feels great to be inside. With the pandemic still going on, we are sadly stuck inside our homes for a long time, so it is time to make some additions to spice up your home. Livpure brings to you the July monsoon sale from 17th to 25th July to help you make additions to your room without pinching your pockets. 

Don’t hurt your pockets

Livpure comes to you with monsoon sale so that you can enjoy your rainy season with its products, and then continue to use them all year long. Sleeping in Luxury does not mean you have to spend a lot. With the sale, buy 3 products from our website at 15% off, buy 4 products at 20% discount and buy any 5 products at a 25% discount from MRP. If you have been thinking about changing that mattress or brightening up your bedroom with some new curtains, this is the right time to buy all the things you want for your home. 

Brighten the rainy days

The monsoon season can be dull in the long run. Not many sunny days, the humidity and the constant rains can affect our productivity and mood. Our home environment plays a crucial role during these dull days. Before the rainy season hits, you should invest some time in decluttering your rooms, especially your bedroom, and clear out space for proper ventilation. Brighten up your bedroom with Livpure Blackout Curtains, which are available in exciting colors. These will not only help the bedroom to have a touch of color, but they will also secure your sleep by not allowing early sunlight to enter your room. Livpure’s curtains also keep unnecessary noise and heat outside so that you can save on power consumption and sleep peacefully every day. 

Snuggle buddy

Rains call for some snuggling into your bed and reaching out for chai and samosa with online series or movie binging. During these days, you need a snuggle buddy- the All-weather comforter from Livpure is made to be your best friend. It is made with 200 GSM microfiber filling, perfect for usage all year. It can be used ideally in a temperature range of 12 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius- good for Indian winters and air-conditioned summer bedrooms. It is box stitched for long life, and Livpure ensures long life with a 1-year warranty on the product. Enjoy this rich and luxurious comforter feel with Livpure’s All-weather comforter which is available in single and double sizes and in exciting and vibrant colors to uplift your rainy season mood. 

Mattress for the season

The rainy season can be especially difficult for people who are prone to allergies or already have allergies. The constant wet feeling gives rise to mold and mite infestation, even in your bedroom. While it is necessary to do a deep cleaning before the season starts, sometimes your old mattress is the hub for all kinds of infestation and can get beyond repair. That is why Livpure brings to you Naturale Mattress- a mattress made with naturally derived components to make it hypoallergenic, skin-friendly, and extremely breathable.

The bamboo outer cover does not only protect the mattress from dust, mites, dander, and accidental spills. It also lets the mattress breathe to keep it dry and clean. The natural latex and natural ayurvedic memory foam help in natural spinal alignment and good, pain-free sleep without compromising on quality. The material of the foam and cover helps the person to stay away from allergies and toxic materials that can irritate. It is a mattress perfect for this and every rainy season. It comes with a 10-year warranty so that you can invest in it tension-free. 

Work from home essentials

We are still stuck at home, working from our bedrooms. Some of you might have given up and bought a study desk and chair to make it a little comfortable. Invest in a back support pillow and make it more comfortable. Livpure Sleep’s Spyne gives your back the much-deserved support with this ergonomically designed pillow. The cool-gel-infused pillow is designed to give you maximum lumbar support. One more reason to buy it right now and get healthy and fit for the lazy monsoon days. 

It’s raining discounts in Monsoon Sale

Enjoy the July monsoon sale with its discount offerings and spice up your bedroom without any guilt spending. To help you with your spending, Livpure has partnered up with Sezzle to facilitate easy payment options with no-cost EMIs and small installments, so that you can pay it at your convenience. You can also use your ICICI, Kotak, Axis, and HDFC debit and credit cards to get more no-cost EMI options. So, with the sale and all these options, spend guilt-free to amp up your bedroom and have a good night of sleep every day. 


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