Is Your Mattress the Reason for Your Bad Sleep?

Is Your Mattress the Reason for Your Bad Sleep?

Every night you try to get a full eight hours, but still wake up tired. You toss and turn all night long, sleep through your numerous alarms and wake up every morning feeling exhausted, sore and stuffy. Sounds familiar?  We've been blaming a lot of things such as technology, blue light, room temperature and those afternoon naps for sabotaging our sleep. But if you stopped bringing your phone to bed, turn down the thermostat each night and avoid taking naps all day, and you still feel like you're not getting enough sleep, turn your attention to your mattress and pillows.

If you suffer from sleep issues, or always wake up feeling exhausted, you should first rule out sleep apnea or another serious medical condition. But if you're in the clear, it's time to blame your bed. A mattress or pillow that's too old, or not providing you with the right support, can ruin your sleep. Let’s look at blaming our bedding for your sleep issues in detail. 

How the surface of your bed affects sleep?

The feel and quality of your mattress, pillows, bed sheets, and even pyjamas affects the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive of your body so that you wake up feeling rested, not stiff and with pain.

Not conventionally accepted but, it’s not necessarily better to sleep on an extra firm mattress, so use your body as a guide for what feels best through the night and wakes you up feeling fresh and ready to go. Many sleepers, especially side sleepers, prefer a softer mattress, as it supports the curves of your body correctly. The same applies to pillows- soft or firm is a matter of preference and accordance with your neck and shoulder’s condition as well, but do think about replacing pillows when they become lumpy or shapeless, immediately. The type and number of pillows you use depend in part on your sleeping position and the level of comfort you need.

Temperature plays a big role in quality sleep. Mattress materials, as well as the fabrics on your bed and your body, deal with heat differently. For example, many people find memory foam mattresses comfortable, but some materials can trap heat and make it more challenging to sleep in warmer months. For this reason, Livpure makes mattresses suitable for warmer climates with a layer of cool gel to make the sleep more comfortable and cool. For pyjamas and sheets, it may help to choose a breathable cotton fabric so that you don’t overheat. Even during winters, it is a little worrisome to sleep in woollen clothes as the room might get hotter during the night and you would sweat and wake up. You can always get into Livpure’s all-weather comforter to keep you warm during those winter nights instead of sweating it out in your woollen pyjamas. 

All pains and no gains

The amount of support your body receives from your mattress during the night is very important for a good sleep. In fact, a mattress that doesn’t provide adequate spinal support will not only compromise the quality of your sleep- it will also become the reason why you’ll lose the natural curve of your spine and experience other health conditions such as ligament or muscle strain and cramps in the long run.

If you notice that you usually wake up in the morning with throbbing back pain, it’s a sure sign that your mattress isn’t providing you with the support that your body needs when you are sleeping. It’ll be very easy for you to have a deep slumber every night if your entire body is supported and free from any type of aches and pains, and you can wake up fresh.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to the firmness and thickness of a mattress. While some would want to sleep into something that’s too soft, others are looking for a mattress that’s firmer. This is why Livpure has options of hybrid mattresses that not only help you find a middle path for your sleeping needs but also controls the movement of your partner with a latex layer for support.

Latex mattresses not only control the softness which pure memory foam does not, it also does not transfer any movement. And since you’ll be putting all of your body weight to the mattress you’ll sleep on, it’s important to choose something that’s not too firm. Sleeping in a very firm mattress can cause excess pressure in your shoulders, knees, hips, and back, resulting in chronic joint pain. Livpure’s double-sided flippable mattress also takes care of that. Find the perfect fit for you at Livpure and buy a mattress online. 


In order to get some much needed, a lot of people would work towards to turn their bedrooms into dark and cold sanctuaries. They would invest in really dark curtains and AC  to help them sleep easier. This kind of environment can become a breeding ground for bacterias and dust mites. Whenever you sleep, your body sheds off microscopic dry skin that can serve as food to mites. The longer you use the same mattress and particularly in this kind of environment, the more prone it is to dust mites and other allergens. It is time to throw away your mattress if it has become saggy or really old and dirty. The mattress can be your reason for those sleepless nights and allergies. 

Final Thoughts

Invest in an antibacterial mattress from Livpure which comes with a 10-year warranty to protect your investment as well. Choose from a wide range of different thicknesses of memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, reversible mattresses with different density foams on both sides as well as other sleeping needs to give you that extra luxurious, plush and deep sleep you have been wanting for a long time. Instead of blaming it on your mattress and pillows, buy a mattress online and just invest in your good sleep.

If you want us to convince you more, Livpure mattresses also come with a 100 days free trial for you to test your compatibility with it. It is delivered to you within a short period of time so that no time is wasted between you seeking and getting some decent sleep away from your old mattress. So, shop for mattresses online at the comfort of your chair only at Livpure!

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