Is UV purifier safe?

Is UV purifier safe?

Keeping yourself hydrated is imperative to a healthy life. About 60% of our body is filled with water. Thus, drinking clean water is essential to stay fit. However, water does not always prove to be an exhibit of life, at times it can be fatal too. Due to the increasing pollution of water bodies, contamination of water has become a cause of worry.

Drinking such water can expose us to various water-related illnesses that are caused by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. In such a scenario, clean drinking water becomes a necessity for every household but consuming unfiltered tap water is unreliable. Therefore, the purification of water is needed to ensure that it is devoid of pathogenic microorganisms, contains essential minerals, and has high solubility and permeability. This can be done by installing water purifiers in our homes and offices. There is a wide range of water purification systems available in the market. One such tried and tested purifier is a UV water purifier

What is a UV water purifier?

A UV water purifier utilizes germicidal UV light or Ultraviolet rays to treat microbiologically unsafe water. UV light is invisible electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. Although, it is present everywhere and humans can’t avoid it yet it causes damage to all living beings. If it is used in the correct dose, it can be a boon to humans. It can be utilized to kill all the harmful microorganisms in the water to obtain safe drinking water. UV water purifiers take advantage of this property of UV light.

In UV water purification systems, UV radiation is passed through water where living microbes are exposed to germicidal UV rays at the wavelength of 254 nm. These radiations penetrate the living organisms and alter their genetic code and rearrange the RNA/DNA. RNA/DNA plays a vital role in the functioning and reproduction of an organism.

Thus, the microorganism's reproductive system is affected and it can no longer reproduce, replicate or function which takes away its ability to infect other organisms that it encounters. Under UV disinfection technology harmful living organisms are not killed rather they are deactivated which prevents them from spreading various diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis B, cholera, dysentery, etc. A range of disease-causing microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, spores, molds, and cysts are affected. Therefore, UV water purifiers combat microbial contamination in water but do not eliminate bad odor, taste, or particles or add essential minerals to it.

Components of a UV water purifier 

UV water purifiers are designed to alleviate potentially unhealthy bacteria, viruses, pathogens, or any other microorganisms that are present in the water supply. UV disinfection system consists of a chamber that encases a high-power UV lamp that contains mercury vapors to harness the strength of ultraviolet radiation. Mercury discharge lamps or UV lamps emit UV rays of a particular wavelength which is nearly 245 nm. UV dosage is the energy delivered by such a purifier which is measured in mg/cm2.

The higher the dosage more is the energy emitted to treat unclean water. At a particular level, this energy is capable of inactivating microorganisms. UV lamps emit the same energy with stronger intensity to sterilize water. When water enters the purifier, it goes to a non-reactive chamber where it is exposed to a UV lamp.

Here, UV light deactivates the pathogens present and renders the water disinfected. After the disinfection, the water moves out of the chamber to safe water. Thus, the UV-based disinfection process is effective, and simple and destroys 99.99% of disease-causing microorganisms without the addition of any chemicals to the water. 

Is UV purifier safe?

UV-based disinfection technology is secure. Neither does it alter the composition of water nor does it add any chemical substance to treat water.  In a UV water purifier, UV-C light is utilized. Although it is dangerous for humans as well, unless you come in contact with the UV lamp while it’s on, there is no danger. It is more convenient to maintain and safer to use than chlorination or any other chemical disinfection treatment. There are no harmful byproducts of the process as well.

UV radiations are known to cause cancers on exposure but UV rays used in water purifiers do not risk our lives as their purification happens in a closed chamber which is devoid of human contact. Thus, UV purification is approved by the EPA as it is environmentally friendly, chemical free and safe. Due to this UV purification is widely used in the sterilization of water at millions of individual houses, offices and municipalities, and industries.

Advantages of using a UV purifier 

  • Fast - water is simultaneously cleaned on flowing.
  • Effective - Most of the known microbes are killed by UV rays. It gives 99.99% efficiency.
  • Doesn’t alter the taste and odor of water.
  • Easy maintenance - An UV lamp could last for a year or more.
  • No toxic byproducts are released.
  • Chemical-free disinfection - No chemicals are added to the process.
  • Low energy usage - It helps to keep electricity bills low.
  • Conserves water - No wastewater is released.
  • Reliable - It can work consistently during the day and night


Water is an indispensable part of our lives. Opting for a good water purifier that serves your needs and preferences becomes equally important to ensure that you are drinking clean water. From the above discussion, we can undoubtedly say that UV water purifiers are safe, simple, and swift.

However, the UV water purifier is best effective when it is combined with other purification technologies as it only destroys the pathogens but fails to filter the loose particles out of water.  RO + UV + UF + TDS, RO + UV, and RO + UV + UF are best known water purifiers in India. UV purifiers come in various models of varying capacities which are pocket-friendly and low maintenance. They even contain a fit-in UV alarm to alert the user in case the UV lamp needs to be replaced. They are leakproof and unbreakable which is an add-on advantage.  Having complete knowledge of the water purifier before purchasing it can secure your family’s future by canceling out the disadvantages the product brings with itself. Thus, it is important to keep in mind the above-discussed points before installing a UV water purifier. 

Choose the best because you deserve the best. Happy buying!

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