Is Snoring harmless?

Is Snoring harmless?

Snoring is often considered a sign of deep & restful sleep. However, this is a common misconception, it can be triggered by serious underlying health concerns. Although snoring is quite common it may not be harmless. These loud grumbling noises during sleep can only disrupt your sleep pattern and those close to you but can be an indication of poor health. 

What is Snoring? 

These are harsh and noisy breathing during sleep. This is more common among men and people who are overweight. The pattern of snoring adversely progress with age. 

Causes of Snoring

We experience noisy breathing due to the passage of airflow through the mouth when nostrils are blocked. Here are some of the common reasons for this:

Blocked nose: This can be caused by due allergy or sinus infections. Nasal Polyps or a Deviated Septum can also be one of the reasons for this.

Poor muscle tension around throat and tongue: Relaxed muscles around the throat can allow passage of air during sleep.

Overweight: Bulky throat can result in snoring while sleeping.

Alcohol & drug use: Overdose of alcohol and drugs result in soft and relaxed muscles in the throat. 

Sleep position: Sleeping on your back can likely affect your breathing pattern. 

Sleep deprivation: Poor sleep quality can also impact your breathing while you are sleeping.

History of sleep apnea: Sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea is a risk factor in this case. 

Treatments for Snoring

Surgical Treatments: There are surgical treatments available for anyone looking for a solution to snoring. However, it is done to understand expert supervision when advised by a doctor. Do consult with your doctor for blocked breathing issues.

Oral appliance: Some people use an oral appliance in the mouth prescribed by a doctor to keep the airway open while sleeping. This helps in curbing the noisy breathing while they are sleeping. This generally involves making the palate stronger or removal of shrink tissue.

Lifestyle changes: Your doctor may prescribe some lifestyle changes to prevent snoring. It is often recommended to lose weight to avoid airway blockage in the month. Apart from that, you can also try sleeping on your side and rise the head a couple of inches higher to avoid blocking the airway. It is also important to improve your sleep quality to give your body the rest it needs. 


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