Is it important to regularly update my water purifier? 

Is it important to regularly update my water purifier? 

Water purifiers are now an essential part of most households. In a country like India where many people do not have access to clean drinking water, installing a water purification system at home is a necessity. However, many customers are initially concerned about the purchase. For many people in India, a water purifier is a considerable investment. While making a purchase, a customer needs to evaluate the total cost of installing a water purification system. This cost can include the cost of the machine, installation charges, delivery charges(if any), and maintenance costs. Therefore, a customer likes to weigh all pros and cons of installing a water purification system at home. One important question that customers often ask is ‘Is it important to regularly update my water purifier?’. 

Should I update my water purifier?

If we consider hi-tech water purifiers available in the market today, they are no doubt better in terms of function and performance. RO water purifiers are mostly employed to purify hard water and extremely contaminated water. With regular usage, the purification system can be clogged with salts, impurities, and other contaminants. This affects the performance of the water quality. The quality of the purified water can also be affected if the filter or membrane needs to be changed. The RO water purifier can survive for a good 8 to 10 years if it is well-maintained. How can you understand if your water purifier needs maintenance or replacement? Sometimes consumers are unsure of when to replace their RO water filters. It is important to know when your filter or membrane needs a replacement for the good health of your family members. These are a few indicators that it's time to update your RO water filter. Take a look at the points given below if you wish to learn more about them. 

1. Taste of the purified water

When the taste of the purified water feels different, it could be possible that the filter is not working properly. You must understand that a lot of dangerous chemicals and particles are filtered out of the water as it passes through your filter and the RO membrane. The contaminants will still make their way into the water you drink if your RO filter becomes blocked and is unable to function properly. You may notice a change in the odour and flavour of your water as a result of this. When your carbon filter doesn't function properly, the water will smell. Therefore, now is the proper time to replace your filters.

2. Odour from the water 

 A high amount of chlorine and sulfur can make your drinking water smell bad. This is a good indicator to tell if your purifier is working properly or not. If your water filter is unable to remove these components from the water, it’s time to replace the filter. 

3. Slow the speed of water flow from the filter

This is one of the most significant signs when it comes to identifying if your RO is functioning effectively. When the filter of your RO is choked or clogged with impurities, it will result in the slow speed of the water that you receive from the filter. When the purifier is used for over a long period of time the chances are the filter will get choked with the impurities found in the water. It is important to note the time and the quality of water can both impact the life span of your filter. High TDS content in the water will ensure the filter is clogged after months of usage. You'll note that the water is passing through your filter with very little pressure in this scenario. Livpure offers a Free filter change option with premium water purifier models. 

4. Cloudy appearance of the water

Check the appearance of the water to understand the water quality. If the water is foggy, it signifies there are contaminants in it and it has not been properly filtered. This occurs when your RO filter isn't functioning properly, and the hazy water may also be dangerous to your health.

5. TDS content of the water

Total dissolved solids in the water are a good indicator of the purity of the drinking water. The amount of TDS in the dirty water is really high. The TDS level of the water can also discolour your drinking glass. You should be aware that when your RO water purifier loses efficiency, you can also notice that the water tastes salty and feels hard. With the use of a TDS metre, which is easily accessible on the market, you can determine the TDS level of your water. Additionally, you must ensure that you check the water's TDS and record it for future reference when you replace the RO filter.

6. Water purifier alarm or indicator

The premium range of water purification system comes with advanced features like LED indicators. Livpure water purifiers have alarms or Indicators that may be turned on or off. When it is time to replace your water filters and their membrane, an alarm or light will go off. You should have your water filter maintained and replaced as soon as possible if you also discover that it is giving you any indications.

The benefit of regular updates of water purifier

The main benefit of updating your water filter is the upgrade in water quality. However, carefully consider the pros and cons before purchasing a new machine. To ensure that your appliance last longer and functions properly, schedule regular maintenance for your RO. The maintenance and servicing of your RO will enhance the performance of your machine. A water purifier will indicator will help in understanding the requirement for filter/membrane replacement. A well-maintained purification system can serve you long. Hence, take good care of your RO purification system. If you are looking to replace your water purifiers at home, check our Livpure RO here. If you have any queries regarding the topic, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section. 

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