India's best Smart Water Purifier on Subscription

India's best Smart Water Purifier on Subscription

A water purifier can be a sizable investment and for some people, it may be difficult to put down so much money at one time to help secure safe and clean drinking water. But, you should know that accessing clean pure drinking water isn’t so hard now. You can subscribe to a water purifier starting as low as Rs 375/- a month. Many companies also offer a free trial for the product installed so that you are satisfied with the performance.

There are many types of water purifiers out there to choose from, so be sure that you are aware of the quality of water entering your home so that you make the right choice.

There are a few things you would need to look at before you finalize your water purifier.

The source of water

 It is very important to know where your water is coming from. Many places receive water from wells or bore wells. In communities where water is scarce, tankers end up supplying water and in some areas, the municipality gives a regular supply of water. There is also a possibility that the water received could be from a combination of the above-mentioned sources. It is important to know the source of water as it is important to know the TDS of the water. Based on the TDS of the water, you can take a call to fit a particular type of water purifier that will give you safe and clean drinking water.

Water quality

 While water quality varies from location to location, some areas get a supply of hard water. This indicates that the water's TDS is high. Total Dissolved Solids in water contain salts and other contaminants. Your health could suffer if you ingest an excessive amount of bacteria, viruses, or Total Dissolved Solids in tap water. Are you aware of the level of contamination in your water supply? Before heading to the store to purchase a water purifier, it is best to discover the degree of contaminants in the water because the type of water purifier you select must take into account the water quality in your area. To find out the quality of the water in your area, you may either purchase test kits or engage a specialist to perform it for you.

Despite the wide variety of water purifiers available, RO and UV technology are the most widely used. TDS levels in the area must be less than 200 ppm to be used with UV water filters. The light from the UV lamp stops dangerous bacteria in UV water purifiers from rapidly replicating and proliferating. People who reside in areas with hard water—defined as water with a TDS level of more than 200 ppm—are advised to use reverse osmosis filters. Some water filters combine the technologies of RO and UV. The membrane eliminates any dead germs, contaminants, and hardness to make the water fully pure and clean.

Your family’s requirements

Before making a water filter purchase, think about your family. If you have infants or new babies in your family, you should favor RO water purifiers. The majority of parents choose to buy bottled or distilled water for their infants, but purified water is a secure substitute. Out of all the water purifiers available, RO purifiers are the best for children and infants since it is effective at removing chemical contaminants. Many different water treatment methods have been created or are being created right now.

The use of activated carbon

The technology of activated carbon is mostly utilized in water purifiers to absorb big particles of contaminants from drinkable water. Granular activated carbon is created by roasting charcoal made from coal at temperatures between 800 and 1000 degrees Celsius. The goal of this technique is to activate the carbon-rich coal. The surface area per gram of the many pores in the activated carbon particulate solids is around 1000m2. Pyrolyzing polymer beads result in the production of significantly purer activated carbon. Such a technique is used by the lab water filtration system to treat the water's pollutants. In addition to removing free chlorine and chloramine from feed water, activated carbon may also trace its organic composition.

Reverse Osmosis

In laboratories, reverse osmosis technology provides a practical way to cleanse water. With this method, the majority of the pollutants in tap water are removed, leaving just clean water behind. The reverse osmosis process is based on RO membranes, which are effective at substantially removing organic substances. These membranes are designed specifically to block the passage of contaminants larger than 0.1 nm in size. Reverse osmosis can remove up to 90% of it in a single use. The removal of non-ionic pollutants with molecular weights of more than 100 Dalton is also done in part using this technology. This method uses a water purification device for laboratory use to easily remove many of these impurities.

Technology Using UV

The electromagnetic radiation known as ultraviolet has wavelengths between 10 and 400 nm. The wavelength is longer than X-rays but shorter than visible light. To reduce the absorbance of light in the feed water, a second artificial quartz housing is utilized in a water treatment system laboratory. To stop microbiological growth, UV rays are utilized in a laboratory's ultrapure water system. By oxidizing organic particles into carbon dioxide and acidic substances, it also aids in the removal of such particles. A subsequent down-streaming procedure eliminates all of these ionic species.

About Livpure

Livpure is a company that caters to all your needs. Their water purifiers can disinfect and purify water up to 2000 ppm to make it safe and potable. Their water purifiers take care of Total Dissolved Solids and bacteria present in the water. The best part is, that their water purifiers are also available on a subscription basis. The plans offered to bring eco-friendly water purifiers to you with smart filters that bring you the safest drinking water. This is why they are considered one of the best water purifiers in the market.

When it comes to subscriptions, you incur no machine cost, no maintenance, and no installation charges. You only pay for what you use. They also have a very user-friendly app that helps you monitor the filter quality, book services, and track your water consumption. Livpure is your one-stop shop for all your needs so have a look at our website and be amazed at our life-changing solutions.

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