Importance of Minerals in Drinking Water?

Importance of Minerals in Drinking Water?

For most of life, people only think of water as a means to quench their thirst. The colourless liquid that holds the power to sustain life is composed of more than just two molecules of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen. There are essential minerals in the water, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more. These minerals are vital for the proper functioning of the human body. However, water also consists of various impurities, such as Total Dissolved Salts (TDS), heavy metals, chlorine, etc., which need to be removed. 

While the RO water purifier is the most potent in removing all kinds of harmful chemicals and other pollutants, many people fear that the purifier removes even the essential minerals available in the water. Is it so? Let’s decode the truth! 

Why Does the Mineral Debate Even Matter?

First, it is important to understand the role water minerals play. They are indeed vital for the optimal functioning of the body, but how? Most of them fulfil some role in not one or two but hundreds of bodily functions. 

They are usually needed in extremely small quantities, and too little or too much can upset the delicate balance. Let’s go through some of them and their roles –

  • Calcium – Many know that calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. However, this mineral is needed even to regulate blood pressure, blood clots, and muscle contractions. 
  • Copper – This metal removes free radicals from the body, helps manufacture red blood cells, and regulates neurotransmitters. 
  • Chromium – This mineral helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.
  • Iron – This natural mineral in water helps produce the haemoglobin required to carry oxygen throughout the body. It also helps in producing collagen and neurotransmitters. 
  • Magnesium – Just like calcium, this metal is needed to develop strong teeth and bones. It also helps in blood clotting and regulates blood pressure. 
  • Potassium – This mineral mainly has to do with balancing body fluids. So it helps the body to maintain a steady heartbeat. 
  • Sodium – This mineral also helps balance body fluids, send nerve impulses, and muscle contraction. 
  • Zinc – This mineral helps manufacture DNA and proteins, strengthens the immune system, and enables faster wound healing. 
  • Molybdenum – This metal mainly activates enzymes that remove toxins and accumulate dangerous sulphites within the body. 
  • Manganese – This mineral is essential to bone formation and cholesterol and amino acid metabolism. 

How Did the Minerals Concern Even Become a Thing?

We see that essential mineral are indeed essential for the body to function and survive. While other water purification techniques, such as UV filtration, carbon filtration, etc., may keep the minerals intact, they are not very effective in purifying the water. 

However, most RO water purifiers, especially those manufactured by top-notch, reputed companies, can remove all kinds of impurities – from chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals, and TDS. Tests were conducted on common municipal water for purity standards. 

It was found that the water had some contaminants that are also needed for mineral intake. Naturally, it was assumed that if all contaminants were eradicated, the water would become devoid of minerals! 

How Then is RO Water Healthy?

You must be familiar with the claims that Reverse Osmosis or RO water is not only tasty but also healthy and alkaline for the body. If the purifier removes minerals that are essential for survival, how are these claims legitimate?

The truth is that if your body does need essential minerals, they can only be absorbed well into the body when the water is purged of its impurities. Some impurities, such as heavy metals, are so harmful that they might end up causing major damage to the neurological and immune systems. 

Even consuming water with essential minerals would make no difference in such cases. So, water purification through RO is a must. The next thing to remember is that the RO water purifier does not remove minerals, at least not in the sense that most people think. 

A major aspect of this has to do with the mineraliser found within the RO system. This component of the water purifier adds essential minerals to the water in the quantities needed by the body to maintain optimal health and immunity. 

Also, on a side note – it is important to remember that potent RO water purifiers do remove essential minerals to a certain extent. However, that is only because municipal water may have an excess of these minerals, which is also harmful to health. 

Is There a Way to Remineralise RO Water?

Despite the natural minerals that RO water purifiers add, some people still feel unconvinced about the mineral level. If you can relate, you must be wondering if there was a way to remineralise the water just to be sure. 

Yes, there is a way! Let your water be purified through the RO water purifier as usual. Once that is done, you can add a tiny pinch of pink Himalayan salt to the water to remineralise it. This salt consists of at least 80 to 100 essential minerals in minute quantities (just like the body needs!).

Do not add too much of it, as it could lead to toxicity and electrolyte imbalance in the body. 

The Final Verdict 

In light of the abovementioned processes, RO water is extremely safe for drinking and hydrates the body well. It is just the right taste that you need to quench your thirst. 

And as far as the essential minerals debate goes, RO water is nothing but full of it! Yes, the in-built mineraliser efficiently adds the right minerals for optimal health. So you can drink it without any worries. 

Livpure Water Purifier Preserves Minerals and Health!

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