How to Use Comforter in AC

How to Use Comforter in AC

Blasting the air conditioning in the summer while sleeping cozily beneath a luxurious, heavy comforter or two could appear crazy to some, but, for others it’s just what the doctor ordered for a good night’s rest. Many folks love sleeping under heavy blankets while running the AC in the heart of summer. They’re often criticized for wasting energy, but research shows some kind of evidence backing up this trend. Maybe after you give this a read, you might be a comforter in AC convert, too. 

Sleep aid and relaxation purposes

Sleeping under a comforter or blanket with the AC going strong features a calmative effect. The added weight signals the brain to release chemicals like serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. They operate as neurotransmitters regulating mood, sleep and sensory perception. These calming substances have sedative, comforting properties that incite relaxation throughout the body and resolve insomnia discomforts. Heavy duvets supply natural, safe and effective therapy for remarkable slumbering in very cool environments. The core blood heat decreases and gets you quickly to sleep. The heavy blanket becomes an all-natural sleep aid because it evenly distributes pressure throughout your body. It feels like a firm hug making you feel secure, protected, tranquil and grounded. This can be the identical effect as when your mom took you in her arms, hugged you snugly, and patted you on your back creating a soothing, sheltered, serene peacefulness.

Help to better manage known health risks

Whether using them in the summer with air conditioner on blast or in the fall, winter or spring, comforters bring much needed relief. Many health issues are positively contained by their usage. For both children and adults, duvets help improve sensory disorders, nervousness, stress, awareness and focus. They also supply relief for military men and ladies in War Zones, furthermore as people who have returned home apprehensive, wounded, and demented.

Comforters are reported to significantly assist with memory maintenance, detoxification processes, treatments for various illnesses, the alleviation of hysteria, depression, PTSD trauma, aggression, chronic pain, paranoia and bi-polar neurological problems. Employees managing work related stress and shift work changes, people battling night terrors, and mania have reported relief from symptoms as an on the spot result of sleeping under duvets. 

Sleeping with someone who prefers it cooler

Spouses, roommates and even siblings have differences  when it involves temperatures. The plot thickens when a wife is cold-natured and her husband prefers only a skinny sheet in a cold room. One roommate likes the space frigid; the opposite one likes it roasting. It’s of dire necessity to quickly find a neutral ground for these conflicts so as to preserve good relationships.

Body temperature is regulated by an interior thermostat located within the brain – the hypothalamus. Various dynamics govern whether that thermostat will go up or go down, i.e., the utilization of kidney, blood-thinning, diabetes and cancer medication, low blood pressure and poor blood circulation. The number of muscle mass may be a factor. Nearly one third of your body heat is generated by muscle. Women tend to possess less muscle mass than men. Age makes a difference, too. Whatever it is, a nice all-weather comforter will solve all the differences. Where to get it? Buy it online on Livpure’s website! 

Weight loss and weight management

Is sleeping in an exceedingly cold bedroom really better for you? Indeed, it's based upon recent innovative research. Certain scientists have discovered that sleeping in colder temperatures raises your rate and improves your overall health. Experts believe good fat increases in colder bodies. Good fat produces 300 times more heat than any other organ within the body which successively causes calories to burn off rapidly, and eliminate excess glucose.

No wonder people love sleeping beneath comforters with the cooling system on during the summer!

How to choose the perfect comforter for you? 

Down alternative or Microfiber

Down alternative comforters are generally stuffed with cotton, polyester, or rayon. These materials are meant to mimic the fluffiness and heat of down, without adding an excessive amount of weight. Down alternatives are generally less costly than down, and that they are a ‘vegan’ and planet-friendly alternative to animal-derived down. Additionally, many people choose microfiber comforters thanks to their hypoallergenic nature in comparison to a down feather comforter. Furthermore, many down alternative comforters are machine cleanable, making them much easier to wash in comparison with down comforters that will be professionally washed.

Comforter- how is it constructed? 

Livpure’s all-weather comforter provides unmatched comfort for each season. It's composed of 200 GSM fillings which keep you warm and cozy and is right for temperatures starting from 12°C - 25°C, making it suitable for various weathers similarly. It's made of hypoallergenic material that stops germs, microbes, or allergen from entering your bed space. Our unique box-stitching keeps internal filling intact and thereby prevents scattering and lumps from falling off no matter what amount you toss, twist, and turn. It's rather more durable than other comforters. you'll just about buy and chuck any problems, and just use it to make you warm and happy.

Quilting or box stitching greatly influences thermal insulation of comforters, especially ours- search for those with internal dividers because the sewn-in tapes help prevent sudden cold air rushing through by keeping the down filling evenly distributed and enhances the fluffiness by creating separate upper and lower layers within the same comforter. 

What size do you need? 

Before you begin choosing comforters, determine what size of comforter for bed you want. If you sleep in a queen-sized bed, you may choose a queen-size comforter, you could, however, treat yourself to a king-sized comforter instead. If you go along with a bigger comforter, you get a touch extra length and width to wrap yourself into a burrito during cooler months. Yes, Livpure’s comforter is a long term investment. You can buy it for the AC months and it will last you through the year. At Livpure, you'll find comforters in several sizes and amazing summery calm colors.


Be it the summer months where your air conditioning system is cranked up, or the winter months, all you need is an all-weather comforter to give you a good night’s sleep. It feels like a warm and comfortable hug from a loved one- yes, Livpure’s comforters are just so plush. Buy one today on Livpure’s website for all year comfort. 

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