How to Sleep Better this Holi

How to Sleep Better this Holi

Holi, known as the festival of love, is a Hindu spring festival of joy, dancing, and most of all color. It is also celebrated by many people around South Asia, but is primarily observed in India, Nepal and is found in many other areas with a significant population of Hindus or people of Indian origin. Holi takes place on the approach of the Full Moon, typically around the beginning of March, and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Sleep better with following sleep tips.

How to Party?

The Holi celebration itself is a phenomenal explosion of color, food, and noise. The traditional greeting of the festival is by taking a handful of paint and daubing it on others’ faces, but of course, the reality is that everyone is fair game for soaking and a paint-splattering, most of the time, hard to take off kind of paint. Rich, poor, boss, employee, man, woman, children, elders… all are in the firing line from pots of color, handfuls of paint powder, water pistols, water balloons filled with dye, buckets of colored water…it just goes on and on. 

Holi is also known as a festival of new starts and forgiveness and originally comes with the aim of ritualizing and increasing harmony in society. New dawn, and a new day. And for that, we should all celebrate! A Holi party calls for a lot of sweets, greasy food, and the elusive bhaang and drinking. All the partying and the food messes up your sleep schedule, which is actually not doing any good for your body, in addition to your stressful life. Read on for sleep tips for the party season. 

Stress-free sleep tips for after partying

Forget what’s happened in past years; you don’t have to discount on your restorative and beautiful sleep during the most wonderful and colorful time of the year. Here are some sleep tips for making sure holi cheer doesn’t get in your way to sleep better. 

Stick to your regular sleep schedule

During the holi season, we often tend to have late nights and late mornings, which may get us feeling groggy and moody. And to add to that, those bhaang induced parties. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule is very important to survive the Holi season and be stress-free. A regular schedule will help you to be fresh and energetic all day long and also deter you from having those staring at the ceiling sleepless nights. We are not asking you to not attend those late-night parties, but let those days be one-off and try to maintain your sleep routine on most of the other days. 

Get some summer sun 

The Holi season also comes with those dark and gloomy winter days. With all the twinkling fairy lights around us, we forget the need for sunlight in our lives, and that not only impacts our mood but our circadian rhythm (your body’s internal clock controlled by light and darkness). The moment you wake up, try to get out of the house for a short walk or sit with your morning tea on your balcony, and it will be good enough for you to brighten up your day. 

Don’t cheat on your nutrition

The sweets and fried food come with all the celebrations and meeting your loved ones after a long time, along with a lot of booze( and bhang). We are not being the fun police and asking you to be a grinch and not participate in all the festivities and fun. But it is important to know how you can balance your nutrition during these days. 

Skip large and carb-loaded meals before bedtime, stop drinking three to four hours before you hit the hay, and periodically drink some water to rehydrate if you’re attending a bash. Also limit your consumption of spicy, heavy and fatty foods and skip stimulants like caffeine or nicotine close to bedtime. Remember to eat your veggies! 

No goodbyes to exercise

You know how regular exercise not only promotes you to sleep better but also relieves stress and anxiety. It might be tempting to take a few days off from working out, as you think playing Holi is a lot of exercise, but trust us, this is the time you need it more than ever. Exercise will not only fight off the extra calorie intake during the season but also improve mental health and help you to sleep better. There is not a better sleep tips than getting some exercise and getting tired enough for a good sleep. 

Even if you're traveling far from home to be with loved ones there's no need to stop exercising. In fact, the holidays are a great opportunity to go outdoors together and bond over some exciting outdoor activities. Go for a long walk or a hike with your loved one and do some outdoor bonding activities as well. You may find your bond with your friends and family getting better and finding new dimensions. 

Make your bed in advance

Before you go out to party, make sure you make your bed so that it welcomes you right after a busy fun-filled day. Have a comfortable bed mattress, like a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress, which provides your body great support especially after exhaustion. To add to the comfort, the Carbon pillow from Livpure Sleep gives the right dose of anti-pollution and comforts your neck, shoulders, and also your skin. And guess what! Everything which comes from Livpure’s factories is planet-friendly and human-friendly, giving you double benefits for the price of one. 


Holi is fun, and we don’t like to be the spoil sport. What we want you to do is take care of your health and your sleep. Sleep determines your physical health, mental health and your relationships with people you love (or hate). Make yourself stick to a routine, however much you party, and give yourself the gift of a good healthy life.

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