How to Roll Your Towel like a Pro

How to Roll Your Towel like a Pro

One of the things we usually like best about staying in a nice luxurious hotel is seeing the creative shapes that they make with the towels kept on the bed or the bathroom. If you're trying to recreate the hotel experience in your bedroom for the feel of indulgence and luxury, or simply want to impress visitors when they come to your house, then it’s not that difficult to find out the simple ways to fold bath  and hand towel. 

Towel folding’s history

Folding the towels into weird and wonderful shapes may be a relatively modern habit. The precise origins are unknown, but most hospitality experts agree that elaborately folded towels originated on the Caribbean cruise ships during the 1980s. Carnival Cruises claim to be the primary company to own folding staff and have even published books with pictures of a number of their simplest creations.

Many other hotels, especially within the more touristy areas of the Caribbean picked up the same and therefore the Americas quickly picked this trend and eventually other parts of the world. And now folded towels are just about standard in holiday resorts and any luxury hotel. A towel well suited for luxury is Livpure’s Bamboo fiber towel, which comes in a set of bath and hand towels to give you the same luxury as any hotel or cruise would. 

What kind of towels to use

Some of the more complex designs have elevated towel folding to a full new art and use several different sizes of towels, face towels, and even bathrobes together. Don’t be tempted to run before you'll be able to walk through, and therefore the simplest way to start is with a standard bath towel. It’s usually easier to fold a towel that has just been washed. Thinking about what towels to get? A high-quality towel crafted especially to feel soft on your skin and protect you from allergies and bacteria, try Livpure’s Bamboo fiber towels. Made with natural bamboo fiber, the towel not only is highly absorbent but also dries off quickly. It feels like a baby’s touch on your skin, but sturdy enough to last for years.

How to fold towel in animal shape?

Swans shape

For the beginner, the best shape to start with is the swan. There are plenty of videos on sharing sites like YouTube to show ways to fold towels, that you can check out as well. So if you struggle to follow instructions, watch a video sometimes, pausing and restarting. But here are the fundamentals.

  • Start making your swan by lying your bath towel on the ground, with the long sides at the top.
  • Hold your finger at the top of the center of the long side, pinning it down.
  • Slowly roll one fringe of the towel towards the center so that the rolled section stops straight down from your finger.
  • Repeat the same on the other side, without lifting your finger. It should form a shape a small amount like an arrow.
  • Take the pointed end of the towel and fold it back towards the opposite end, before folding the pointed end back on itself with the top section curved to make the beak of the swan.
  • Squeeze the corners of the swan carefully to offer the swan a more rigid form before lying the swan on the bed to impress your visitors.

Elephant Shape

Once you’ve mastered the art of folding up your towels to form a swan, you'll then try something more complex using both a bath and a face towel. Towel elephants are made in two sections, with the bath towel forming the legs and body, and the smaller towel making the pinnacle and trunk.

  • Start with the larger towel and fold it in half lengthways.
  • Roll all sides in until they meet one another in the middle. Then fold it in half again to form four ‘legs’, resting it down so that the underside of the ‘legs’ is on a surface.
  • Make the top of the elephant in the same way as you probably did for the swan, rolling all sides of the tiny towel inwards from the center.
  • The pointed part of the towel you now have will form the trunk. Take the opposite two ends and twist them both where they meet to make the ears.
  • Turn the “ears” of the elephant inside bent on give them more shape, trying to stay the towel rolled as tightly as you'll be able to.
  • Finally, place the top on the body.

How to fold towels to be stored?


This method will make towels sit neat and tidy on the shelf.

  • Place the towel out on a flat surface with the product tag facing upwards.
  • Fold a corner over about two-thirds of the way across the short side of the towel.
  • Smooth down the length of the towel along with your hands.
  • Fold the opposite side over the first fold you made. Smooth down the length of the towel and it's should be now long and thin.
  • Next, fold the towel in half and Fold it in half again.
  • Display it with the folded edge facing outward.


Deep fold

This is the perfect fold for smaller cupboards or shelves.

  • Lay the towel out on the floor or table. Take one edge of it and fold it over to the halfway mark on the short edge. 
  • Repeat on the opposite side. The two long edges should meet in the center.
  • Fold the towel in half, longitudinally so that the layers sit on top of each other.
  • Fold the ends of the towel towards the center, leaving a little gap in the center to avoid any bulge in the middle.
  • Display the towel on the shelf with the folded edge facing outward.


If you are too busy to do any of the fancy folds but still would like to keep your towels neatly, roll your towels in a neat roll and place them in a nice bamboo basket so that it looks good and fancy. But all said, towels which look good have to feel good as well, and hence, do not compromise the quality just for the show. Give yourself and your guest the best experience.

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