How to Plan Your Water Purifier Budget?

How to Plan Your Water Purifier Budget?

Did you know that 80% of the diseases in the world are waterborne? It’s not a secret that clean and safe drinking water is essential for well-being. The solution is to get a water purifier. 

A water purifier ensures that you’re drinking healthy water that is always safe, sustainable and free from chemicals and toxins. Though it may seem easy, there are many factors to consider for buying the best water purifier in India

The type of purifier, the water supply in your area, and the features available should make your priority list before getting a purifier. Moreover, budget planning is also crucial for making the final call. That’s a lot, right? Don’t panic! 

Here is a list of the critical questions you should ponder before shortlisting an Indian water purifier. Let’s get to it!

What are the Different Types of Water Purifiers?

The market offers multiple water purifiers that use different methods to filter water. And picking the best water purifier can baffle many of you. Before selecting the best water purifier, let’s learn about the different types of water purifiers.

Here are some of the most frequently used water purification methods to access safe drinking water

Reverse Osmosis or RO System

Have you heard people asking which type of RO is best? Most often than not, they want to know about the best water purifier. But they use RO instead of water purifiers. Why? Because Reverse Osmosis or RO has become synonymous with the water purification system. 

RO is the most common purification system for water filtering needs in homes and commercial spaces. It pushes water through its semi-permeable membrane to filter out harmful pollutants from it. As a result, only water molecules can reach the membrane’s other side. Hence, it leaves behind dissolved salts and other impurities. 

It brings up the question – Is RO water better than normal water?

Of course, yes. Normal water comes loaded with impurities and inorganic substances. However, the process utilised in RO systems makes the RO water safe and free from harmful bacteria and dissolved contaminants. 

Ultraviolet Purifier

True to its name, a UV water purifier uses ultraviolet rays to deactivate microorganisms. Hence, making the water free from pathogens that cause waterborne diseases. It is also one of the standard purification systems used in many commercial spaces and homes. 

These types of purifiers are swift in filtering the water. UV purifiers are the most eco-friendly way to purify your water as they don’t allow water wastage and require less maintenance. However, they can’t remove dissolved components or chemicals from drinking water.

Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

Gravity-based purifiers are the simplest water filters and provide primary water filtration services. It has sediment or sediment along with activated carbon filters which help to eliminate thick and undissolved impurities. As a result, it can remove dirt, sand, chemicals, and microorganisms from tap water.

These filters are the best if you’re low on budget and want only basic water purification. Moreover, such filters don’t need electricity to run and are better than boiled and chemically filtered water. However, you can’t expect these to filter out heavy and dissolved impurities from water. 

What are the Benefits of Using Water purifiers?

Investing in a quality water purifier is best for both your good health and the environment. There are many benefits of purifier water in your home. Some of them are:

  • Water purifiers allow you to get healthy water free from toxic metal impurities.
  • The latest water purifying systems have the mechanism to retain the essential minerals in the water.
  • Drinking pure water with the necessary minerals improves overall body metabolism and digestion.
  • The topmost benefit for using water purifier is the availability of safe and pure drinking water at a feasible price.
  • Filtered water tastes better than average water because filters remove the chlorine and germs that may make tap water taste plain and bland.
  • People use a staggering 200 billion filtered water bottles yearly, polluting the environment. Using filtered water eliminates the use of plastic water bottles.
  • Apart from being better for human consumption, purified water is also better for cleaning. 

What is Your Water Purification Budget?

Before making the final decision, perhaps the most essential factor is setting the water purifier’s budget. The price of water purifiers in India ranges significantly from one brand to another. And water purifiers for office spaces can cost much more than home purifiers. 

That being said, the water purifier budget depends on several factors. However, the foremost factor that influences its cost is the filtration rate. Other crucial aspects include the built quality, brand value, warranty period, post-installation services, and additional filter chamber. 

If you’re looking for the latest models of water purifiers, they include innovative features like Wi-Fi connectivity and a smartphone app. You can plan your budget according to your home requirements and what features will suit you the best. 

Also, don’t forget about the maintenance cost while setting your budget. The cost of replacing the filters hinges on the type and model of water purifier you use. You may want to avoid any inconvenience in the future. So, ensure to check the repairing costs of the filters in advance. 

If you want the best water purification solution for your home, the Livpure water purifier price is quite reasonable. 

The Ending Note

Without a doubt, your drinking water must be clean, pure and odourless to live a healthy lifestyle. And with increased pollution, getting a water purifier is no longer a choice but a necessity. Compared to bottled natural mineral water, water purifiers are a cost-effective way to drink purified water. 

To get the best water for health, choose the water purifier that fulfils your needs. Each type of water purifier has its pros and cons. Besides budget, another factor in selecting the best water purifier is considering the water source and its impurities.

All in all, RO water purifiers have more benefits than others. It is more effective in purifying tap water. As bacteria are not the only thing contaminating the water, the RO purifier removes dissolved salts and chemicals from the water too.

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