How to Get the Best Price for the Water Purifier? 

How to Get the Best Price for the Water Purifier? 

Freshwater, which is water meant for human consumption, is a rare and treasurable resource!

While the Earth’s surface is covered with water, only 1% of it can be used by humans. And with the rising pollution from industries and factories, even that is becoming unfit for consumption. Additionally, waterborne diseases are rising at an alarming rate, emphasizing further the importance of clean drinking water. 

As such, the demand for a good water purifier has skyrocketed, leading to many brands promising reliable, quality, and reasonably priced systems. 

The varied choices may have baffled you, but not to worry, this guide will answer all your doubts – How to buy online water purifier? Where I can buy online purifier?

You will find answers to your every question. 

How to Buy Online Water Purifier? Things to Consider

When delving into the market to buy India’s best water purifier, choices are overwhelming. It would be easy for you to get lost and make a decision that would cost a lot in the long run. 

To ensure you get the best water purifier for safety reasons, consider the following factors. 

1. Check the Water Quality 

One of the essential steps that often gets overlooked is checking the water quality before you buy water purifier online. The one-size-fits-all formula doesn’t apply to water purifiers, making it critical for you to evaluate the quality of water entering your home and decide the system that will fit the bill. 

It will help if you get the water tested with hardiness, saltiness, and TDS – total dissolved solids. You can either get it checked by a professional or do it yourself. If your water doesn’t taste good or comes with a foul smell and color, it means something is immensely wrong.

Mostly the water that runs through your home is hard water with a substantial amount of TDS that contains chlorides, potassium, calcium, sulfates, and sodium. 

The best way to eliminate these TDS substances from your water is by installing an RO system. The reverse osmosis features a 0.0005 microns pore size membrane, making it impossible for these to prevail in your drinking water. These minute pores remove even the tiniest metals, salts, and impurities. 

2. Look Into Specific Contaminants 

A good water purifier will feature a combination of technology to target and remove specific contaminants. But don’t assume that every purifier can remove every impurity from your drinking water. 

This further highlights the importance of checking your water quality before you go ahead and online buy water purifier

The contaminated water will be rich in heavy metals like copper, iron, arsenic, and lead, which are undoubtedly toxic when consumed in large quantities. However, the bad news is that because of the rise in industries and infrastructure, they are found in abundance in water. 

The good news is that the RO system dissolves and suspends these contaminants making your water safe and clean to consume. At the same time, a UV system also removes harmful microorganisms from your water. You can also look for a RO system with a UV filter that will remarkably disinfect your water. 

3. Daily Usage & Budget 

When you are looking to buy online water purifier, don’t forget to consider your family size or members. It is best to figure out if you are buying only for drinking or other purposes. 

This information will give you an idea of what purifier to bring into your home. 

If you have a lot of members, probably living in a joint family, you will need to buy one with a high output rate device that filters large amounts quickly. Besides, checking the daily use is vital as the system has a storage capacity to deliver water without electricity. 

At the same time, your budget is vital when planning to buy a good water purifier. Though the price of water purifier is usually high, it is a long-term investment that will be worth the money spent. It is thus recommended to look for a high-quality water purifier to buy online in India.

4. Take Into Notice Power Cuts 

Water purifiers mainly require electricity to function. So, if you stay at a place that targets frequent power cuts, it is best to look for an alternate purifier. A UV filter and an RO system require electricity to work and disinfect your water. 

That said, some Carbon purifiers, Ultra-filters, and Sediment filters exist that don’t need electricity to function. 

However, while UV and RO purifiers remove bacteria and TDS, the non-electric ones can only eliminate some of the dissolved chemicals prevalent in water, along with sand and germs. 

Therefore, investing in water purifiers that function with electricity is advised. 

Where I Can Buy Online Purifier? Livpure 

If you are looking for a water purifier in best price, your search ends at Livpure. 

The brand has established its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of water purifiers to deliver clean drinking water to your home. You will find different types and varieties of purifiers housed under Livpure that will suit your needs. 

Whether it is a UV purifier, RO system, or even a UV+RO water purifier system, you will find them all here at Livpure. Plus, the Livpure water purifier price is reasonable. 

That said, you can also look for different RO maintenance plans to ensure your purifiers work for years to come. Livpure promises to deliver you only the high-quality systems that will do wonders for your home. 

Final Thoughts 

The time has come for every home to install a water purifier system. It is impossible in today’s time with rising pollution to get safe drinking water from your municipal supply. 

However, the great thing is the purifier system exists, ensuring the water delivered to you undergoes multiple filtration processes to remove every impurity and contaminant prevalent. So, don’t take a risk with your and your loved one’s health and buy one today. Though, don’t forget to consider the above-given factors to choose the right water purifier.

At Livpure, you can explore and buy the safest water purifier in India from the comfort of your home. 

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