How to Compare Water Purifier Technologies?

So, here is a quick comparison of the four most used water filtration and their effectiveness in removing commonly occurring water contaminations.

Pollutants/Technology Activated Carbon KDF - 55 Reverse Osmosis Ultra-Violet
Arsenic No No Yes No
Bacteria & Viruses No No Yes Yes
Bad Taste & Odours Yes Yes Yes No
Chlorine Yes Yes Yes No
Fluoride No No Yes No
Hydrogen Sulphide Partial** Yes Partial No
Heavy Metals Partial Yes Yes No
Nitrates No No Yes No
Radon Yes Partial* No No
Sediments Yes Partial Yes No
Iron No Yes Yes No
VOCs Yes Partial Partial No

** At high contamination levels the filter life is drastically reduced.* When combined with Activated Carbon Filter.

Analysis and Concluding thoughts

As you can see for yourself, not one of the above technologies can claim to be the absolute best when it comes to removing water pollution effectively. But Reverse Osmosis leads other with a significant advantage. Most high-quality RO water purifiers use a combination of filters to remove the shortcomings in their performance. That is the reason why we are seeing RO+UV+UF water purifiers these days which can effectively remove over 99 per cent of the impurities from tap water.

So, when you look for a water purifier online, RO purifiers with additional filters like UV and UF are the best ones to buy. Indian brands like Livpure have been offering these class leading products for some time now. Since the products are manufactured locally, they offer a significant price advantage over foreign brands. Similarly, service and maintenance is also easier with Indian made water purifiers and other smart products because of the brand’s on-ground presence.

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