How to Choose Bedroom Colors for Sleeping

How to Choose Bedroom Colors for Sleeping

Sleep is not just a pause, it is how your body and brain release toxins, revitalize and prepare for tomorrow. Most people in today’s fast-paced world are sleep deprived. Bedrooms are not anymore just a place to sleep but also work stations, gyms and even dining rooms. This can be a cause of much confusion. And when it comes to sleep, we are finding it difficult to have a decent snooze amongst all our mess. A cozy mattress, nice blanket, fluffy pillows, and blackout blinds might prove to be insufficient for a night of better sleep. One thing you can do to solve this problem is to change your bedroom color. Thought it might not seem obvious, colors can affect your behavior deeply.

How do bedroom color affect your behavior?

All human beings have developed an innate sense of color with evolution. It can affect our bodies and minds in an obvious way, even though you might notice it if you don’t want to. Psychology indicates that we have different reactions to different colors- certain colors bring warmth, others bring coolness. Some colors attract impulse purchases; some colors help you to make an informed decision. Have you ever noticed that most capes superheroes and fighter’s wear are red in color? It is so to bring passion and excitement.

 In the same way, we can alter our sleep with the help of bedroom color variations.

Which bedroom colors promote sleep?

Let’s set it straight - even though it looks good on TV, bright and glittery colors are a strict no-no for good sleep. Bright colors promote energy, excitement, confidence etc., and those are the things you need in your office or your study room. A bedroom should embody peace and tranquility.


Without any doubts, blue is the best color for sleep. Blue is a very calming and cool color, and for better sleep, you need a lot of calmness. According to studies, a blue bedroom color can help you average a 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep daily without any disruptions. Just to convince you more, another research study has established that hotel stayers wake up happier in the morning when the room is blue. Blue is also a very adaptive color, you can get blue in different shades and change your bedsheet color, curtain color, pillow cover color, and at the end of it, your inner interior designer will be very happy as everything will look super coordinated.


If you absolutely cannot stand blue, yellow is your next best choice. Yellow is happy, yellow is sunshine. You may find it easier to relax in a yellow-toned room. The color yellow can be very bright, and you should steer away from the primary shades. Opt for warmer and lighter tones of yellow as bedroom color.


Green is the most organic color. In a study, participants slept in a green room and slept for an average of 7 hours and 36 minutes. Green promotes positivity and calmness, the same things you feel when you are out on a nature walk. Certain shades also help the room to be cool during warmer times. Again, stay clear of primary shades. Opt for lighter and earthier shades.


 Silver is a neutral color very close to light grey. It can promote peacefulness and can also help to add that touch of shiny. Its and unique color with a luxurious feel to it. And what more, silver is known to increase your motivation to workout.


Warmer tones of orange are known to improve digestion and provide better sleep. It also helps relax your muscles. Go with a lay orange or a terracotta orange, and give your room a natural vibe. It can be just the right addition for people who like happy colors, but still want to have an earthy and natural feel in their rooms.

How to accessorize your bedroom for better sleep?

After a good night’s sleep, we want to wake up and have a positive and happy vibe. Here come the accessories. You need a good mattress to wake up pain-free, and hence need an amazing bed sheet color to look pretty covering it. You would need pillows, a dashing comforter, curtains etc. You should definitely check out our website for Livpure sleep product, where you can get the best mattress and other accessories you need for better sleep, all top-shelf. Select our Blue Egyptian cotton bedsheet to match your blue room, with our teal and grey comfortable, it will go excellently. For the silver room people who want to feel the luxury, our crisp white bedsheets with white comfortable will add the touch of sophistication. Browse through our options to accessorize your room and give it the best touch of colors.


Our sleep goes beyond colors, even though colors are an important part. A good routine, exercise and food are other important factors for good sleep too. We at Livpure, we help you out with the other things important for sleep such as the best mattress in the market today, colorful bed sheets, comforter, pillows etc. Along with, we give you a fuss-free quick delivery and extended warranty for your products, so that you don’t lose sleep over it.

Color your room with your favourite colors and help your inner interior designer take the spotlight. Let Livpure help you with your color and comfort needs.

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