How to Check Purity of RO Water at Home

How to Check Purity of RO Water at Home

We hear the term RO often, but do you know what RO is? RO stands for reverse osmosis. Let’s talk about what exactly RO is and how it helps in getting you safe drinking water.

Osmosis is the process by which water with lower dissolved solids passes into water with higher dissolved solids across a semipermeable membrane until a state of almost equilibrium is obtained. Reverse osmosis (RO) is a membrane-based water-purification technique that turns the osmosis process on its head to remove most of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water.

Testing RO Water Quality

The most practical way to evaluate the performance of a RO membrane and its water quality is through electrical conductivity. In reality, pure water is a poor conductor of electricity. Water's conductivity is based on the concentration of ionized compounds (salts, acids, or bases) that are dissolved in it. Typically, conductive impurities make up the great bulk of the dissolved minerals in tap, surface, or groundwater.

The "442 Natural Water standard" solutions are the finest option for setting your instrument to test fresh water.

When evaluating the effectiveness and usable life of a RO membrane, Oxidation Reduction Potential and pH are crucial characteristics to consider. The Oxidation Reduction Potential can be used to assess an oxidizer's activity. Oxidizers like chlorine, bromine, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide can damage RO( reverse osmosis) membranes.

To make things simpler, let us talk about how we can test the water quality at home.

  1. Identify the water sources to test Depending on the water source you're evaluating, you will need a specific testing kit. If you want to test the drinking water in your community, a basic kit that includes common toxins like lead and chlorine can do the trick. If you use well water, you will need a more comprehensive kit for checking water quality that also includes a pesticide screening test.
  2. Choose a testing method: Most water quality test kits are only meant to be used once. You should also think about whether you intend to conduct a professional lab test as a follow-up to an initial home test. The greater accuracy of color disc kits may be worth the cost because most test strips provide a range of results rather than a single result. 
  3. Test strips are the most popular way to check the quality of the water because they are inexpensive and simple to use. Even though instructions may differ slightly from kit to kit, the following is what usually occurs:
  4. A test strip should be dipped into a test container filled with a water sample, swirled, and left in place for a few minutes.
  5. Take the test strip out of the water and contrast the color changes with the kit's color chart.
  6. Test strips can show the contaminant's kind and ppm (parts per million, a.k.a. it's level of concentration in your water). Although test strips aren't as accurate as other methods, they provide a range that can help identify problems.
  7. Powder Kits: These water testing kits don't use strips; instead, you put a few drops of water into a container filled with powder, shake it, and then compare the colors until you find a match. For some pollutants, like bacteria, these kits are said to be more accurate than test strips.
  8. Know the contaminants you are testing for: How valuable the results will be to you depends critically on what your kit checks for. Certain contaminants are more likely to be present in particular water sources. In rural locations, for instance, where runoff from surrounding fields may have an impact on the number of pesticides or fertilizer pollutants in the water supply, well water is routinely used. To address quality issues like taste or odor, learning more about your water's pH levels (acidity versus alkalinity) and overall hardness might be helpful. Although many homeowners appreciate having their wells, the water might be vulnerable to contaminants in the watershed. To allay worries about pollutants, a thorough water testing kit is worth the extra cost.
  9. Calibrate tests by EPA requirements: The EPA offers recommendations for how frequently to test your drinking water as well as a list of risk factors that may cause pollution, even though it does not support any particular home water testing kits. If you use city water, your municipality is frequently required to make the findings of testing available to the public each year to demonstrate the water's safety. The EPA offers simple-to-use contamination tables for folks who utilize well water so you can compare your findings to acceptable guidelines for safe drinking water.

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