How Ortho Mattress Helps to Sleep Better

How Ortho Mattress Helps to Sleep Better

Sleeping is beneficial towards both physical and mental health. There is no alternative to a sufficient amount of sleep. No coffee or energy drink can make up for the repair and relaxation sleep provides to your body. Even after knowing its importance, sleep deprivation is one of the major lifestyle problems in today’s world. Most people take pride in sleeping less and working more, and those who don’t, but still suffer from it, have too many involvements and responsibilities. Today’s world allows for too many involvements- both work-related and for leisure, and it results in less snooze time. 

Sleeping with back-ache

Now sound shut-eye might be a problem when your back is tired from long days of sitting in front of the laptop. A bed with a mattress matters a lot for your night’s slumber. No matter whether you have lower back pain or muscle ache or recovering after an accident or sports injury, your doctor will ask you to rest, eat a balanced diet, and sleep on a quality orthopaedic mattress.

You might be wondering what is so special about an ortho mattress after all. Well, the name is quite self-explanatory. An ortho mattress is a firm bedding material that helps to support your body muscles, joints, and bones and cradles your body while you sleep. It is one of the best bedding items for people who are always irritated with aches, back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis etc. Ninety-two per cent of individuals say that a comfortable mattress helps them sleep soundly at night against one which is not so suitable for the body.

Sleeping when you already have a back injury or ache is much more difficult anyway, hence it is very important to choose the right mattress. If you have been thinking of choosing your mattress online, you have come to the right place! 

What is an ortho mattress? 

Livpure’s Ortho-x mattress is a 6-inch high-density memory foam mattress with one layer of cooling gel to support your back and keep you cool in warmer months. Leave behind your back troubles and ensure ideal posture support with this state-of-the-art orthopaedic mattress. It also comes with an outer mattress cover which is removable and washable for extra safety from bacterias and allergens. 

The term “orthopaedic mattress” was coined in the 1950s, after studies of how the joints and bones work suggested that specially-designed mattresses could prevent morning back pain and other joint pains. The first ortho mattresses on the market were designed following orthopaedic principles to be therapeutic for bad back pain.

However, after mattress manufacturers noticed that these mattresses were selling pretty well, they started calling all mattresses “orthopaedic.” After all, there are no regulations or standards in place to prove that one mattress is better than any other. Now, we have many different kinds of mattresses for specific needs. Hence, it is best to know about your needs before buying a mattress. An orthopaedic one is specifically for people with some active pain or recovering injuries, as well as senior citizens. 

Sleep better with ortho mattress

There are a few reasons why if you fit the bill, ortho mattresses will give you better sleep. 

Good posture

One of the greatest benefits of these mattresses is that they help you maintain an improved posture throughout your sleep. It keeps your spine straight, alleviating backache and helping you stand erect with a better posture. The sturdiness of these bedding promotes spine alignment, thus doing away with the sinking feeling when retiring to bed after a long day at work.

Choose orthopaedic mattresses recommended by medical associations and those that come with high-density foam, and guess which company does just that for your mattress! It provides pressure relief and gives you a more restful sleep. Go look for our mattresses online and know better about them!

Pain relief

Those plagued with bone and muscle pain and suffering from sleep deprivation, an orthopedic mattress is the best investment you can make for your sleep. Sleeping on an old or soft and sagging bedding material for many days will aggravate your physical back or joint pain, especially if you have arthritis or any similar condition. The pressure is felt especially on your lower back if you continue sleeping on the wrong mattress or an old one.

Therefore, always opt for ortho mattresses to help you alleviate your bone, joint, and muscle pain. The use of high-density foam makes you feel comfortable when you lie down at night, especially after a hard and long day. Your spine should not bend while sleeping and hence it is important to sleep on the right material. As opposed to regular mattresses flooding the market, orthopedic bedding products will keep your posture right. Your spine will not curve when you sleep. 

No disturbing rollovers

Besides inducing sleep and alleviating body pain, ortho mattresses are the right choice for couples or people sleeping with someone else on the same bed. You might be wondering what we are talking about. You often complain about your sleeping partner moving or tossing and turning throughout the night and how it disturbed your sleep. An orthopedic mattress is the best solution for people who claim their sleep gets disturbed because of their partners. After you try our Ortho-X mattress, you will never complain about tossing and turning anymore and will enjoy a pain-free sleep. 


These days, back pain is a major complaint especially because most of us tend to spend hours in non-ergonomic positions in front of computers or watching television. Knowing that it is not right for our body, we sometimes can’t really help it with our demanding schedules. If you cant help something, then you should find better ways to take care of it better.

These days, back pain is a major complaint especially because most of us tend to spend hours in non-ergonomic positions in front of computers or watching television.

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