How often should a couple change their mattress

How often should a couple change their mattress

A good mattress lasts from 7 to 10 years. While some mattresses might last longer, others might need to be replaced more quickly. When a mattress is not cozy anymore or supportive, then it tends to interfere with your sleep or makes you feel worse when you wake up, it should be replaced. When a couple mattress starts to disintegrate or droop too much, it must also be replaced.

For hygienic and health reasons, some people might want to replace their old mattresses more often. Every night, we shed dead skin cells and other intoxicants into the mattress which is gross. Therefore, some people replace their old mattresses earlier than recommended for hygiene reasons to benefit from the newest queen mattress technology.

How to determine when your mattress needs to be replaced?

Some individuals could get clingy and attached to their old and inadequate mattresses. Others might postpone getting a brand-new mattress in favor of getting a new automobile or taking a vacation.

All of us should make an effort to get excellent sleep. You will wake up feeling exhausted and super tired if you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, whether it is lumpy or giving you different sorts of aches and pains.

1. Your mattress may be past its prime if one or more indicators apply

Over time, the withering of the mattress comes about naturally. In older mattresses, sagging is a generic issue. Your old mattress can be lumpy and reveal indentations that won't go away. This can be a sign that the mattress' internal parts are breaking down and that it can no longer adequately support you.

Due to improper spinal alignment, sleeping on a sagged mattress can exacerbate pain in the joints such as your neck, hips, and especially the back. It could even become uncomfortable to turn over in bed or you might start to feel the hard springs through your old and saggy mattress. The mattress may also need to be replaced if the springs start to squeak.

Older mattresses may show signs of discoloration or stains, especially if a mattress protector hasn’t been taken into use.

2. You can get more rest somewhere else

The fact that you get better sleep elsewhere is typically a sign that your previous mattress is not functioning properly anymore. You might need to replace your mattress if you feel refreshed after a good night's sleep in a hotel bed, have a better sleep on the extra bed or sofa, or both.

3. Your sleep is being disturbed

The quality of your mattress is very important for good sleep. Your mattress may need to be replaced if you wake up feeling exhausted, or groggy while you're in bed. The quality of sleep determines the course of your day and further ensures your mood and hormonal health. Prolonged disturbance in your sleep may cause health issues such as digestive problems, hormonal issues, anxiety, stress, etc.

4. Flare-ups asthma and allergies

An outdated mattress could aggravate asthma or allergies. This can cause discomfort to you while sleeping and even after you’re awake. Dust mites can cause allergic responses or asthma episodes because of the ideal environment for their growth. The growth of dust mites and bacteria can be a huge problem and therefore you need to take strict action against it.

If symptoms linger despite routine mattress cleaning, it could be time to replace your mattress.

The benefit of switching your couple mattress to a brand new Livpure mattress

1. Reversible 5-inch foam mattress

One of the best mattresses for back pain available in that price range is the 5 Inch Reversible Foam Mattress. Given the option to sleep on either the soft or hard side, reversible mattresses are quite popular. You can switch the mattress to the hard foam side when you want stronger lumbar support or choose the soft foam side when you want to sleep on a softer surface. Couples that want varying levels of surface firmness will find this to be the perfect option. You no longer have to choose between the two; you may have both. You can both use the same mattress on separate days to acquire the optimal sleeping surface. There are two variations of the Livpure Vital: 5 Inch Reversible Foam Mattress.

2. 6-inch memory foam mattress from Ortho X

You won't ever have to worry about back issues again thanks to the Ortho X: 6 Inch Livpure foam mattress. To provide your body with the best possible orthopedic support, this mattress has been specially created. Your entire back is supported, and the foam wonderfully cradles your body. The mattress is designed such that it embraces your body's natural curves and cocoons you for maximum comfort. As a result, you get restful sleep and awaken feeling completely pain-free. The basic and advanced versions are both available.

The Basic Ortho X: 6-Inch Livpure latex mattress is constructed with just four layers. It has a top layer of breathable spacer fabric, a layer of 1-inch cool gel memory foam, a 5-inch layer of high-density support foam, and then an anti-skid foundation. The mattress cover made of permeable spacer fabric is excellent. It has a 3D weave design that allows for the best airflow. This keeps the mattress cool by preventing the buildup of body heat. This cover is also quite gentle on the skin and won't make you break out in rashes. This cover is crush-resistant and detachable for simple maintenance. The mattress cannot be turned over.

About Livpure

As a couple, you should take care of you as well as your partner’s sleep which only a good mattress can ensure. If your partner is experiencing pain only in the morning especially as soon as they wake up then probably your mattress is the culprit. Therefore you should get the best mattress for yourself and your loved ones. One of the most recommended brands is Livpure which provides a wide variety of mattresses throughout the year at mind-boggling prices. Not only this, Livpure mattresses offer a 100-days trial period and the most comfortable and durable mattresses on the market.

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